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Telephone: 692 636 437
Despite its almost English name, Londyn (London) is a Lublin-based rock group formed in 2002. London is a recipient of numerous music awards, including I Blues Rock Festiwal Lublin 2002, Kulturalia 2003, Ogrody Piosenek 2004, Rock Alert Festival 2005, Gramy 2008 in Szczecin, and Łódźstock. The songs written, recorded and performed by the trio were often broadcast by radio and television in Poland (Radio Centrum, Radio Lublin, Trójka, Radio Bis, Radio Dla Ciebie (TVP Kraków, TVP2). The most recognizable songs by the band include: "Time Is Like An Ocean", "Jak Mam Dalej Iść?", "Schody", "Berlin 1943". More information is available at: i

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