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Scena Prapremier InVitro

Scena Prapremier InVitro
Kategoria instytucji: teatr
Address: ul. Peowiaków 12
Telephone: +48 511 171 988
The Scena Prapremier InVitro offers a genuine alternative in terms of sustainable repertoire, addressed in particular to young people in search of their own ways. The core notion of the Scena Prapremier InVitro, following the definition of in vitro (Latin: within the glass) by Wikipedia, is to operate outside the organism of institutional theatre, thereby enabling “working with the living cells isolated from the mother organism”. The Scena Prapremier InVitro has been operating since December 2007 in the Centre of Culture in Lublin. InVitro cooperates with the most talented directors of the young generation, as well as world-renowned playwrights, actors and directors, who deal with the texts not hitherto known in Poland. This is an absolutely unique project with the aim of creating a net of theatre groups from all over Poland who would cooperate with one another and share their repertoires. “The name of our theatre derives from the living cells isolated from the mother organism, in this case – an institution. To translate it from the language of biology into art, we want to establish a non-involved working laboratory, independent from numerous factors such as trade unions, pre-retirement age, the necessity to work with full-time actors, in other words all the problems within an institutionalised theatre. I want to create a repertoire outside the theatre understood as institution by inviting artists who would welcome and implement our proposals. This scene has more of a production character”, says Łukasz Witt-Michałowski, founder and director of the Scena Prapremier InVitro in the Centre of Culture in Lublin. The Scena Prapremier InVitro has been operating under the generous auspices of the Mayor of the City of Lublin and the Marshall of Lubelskie Voivodeship. The Scena Prapremier InVitro has been operating since December 2007 in the Centre of Culture in Lublin, with the aim of expanding in the future into the remaining scenes in Lublin, and of cooperating with other theatres all over Poland. It was recognized both by the audience, having received Anioł Publiczności (Audience Award) on the Wiosna Teatralna in Bielsko-Biała, and cultural institutions - the play was awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in the Annual Competion for Staging of Polish Contemporary Art for the makers of the play "Nothing that is human" as well as an award for the music for "Nothing that is human" for Paweł Passini. Source:

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