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Song and Dance Ensemble of Medical University of Lublin

Song and Dance Ensemble of Medical University of Lublin
Telephone: +48/81/718 65 71
The Song and Dance Ensemble of the Medical University of Lublin was created in autumn of 1979. The founder and the present Director of the Ensemble is Krystyna Maciąg. With a group of admirers of Polish-folklore she undertook an attempt to create the first folklore ensemble in Poland and in Europe working under auspices of Medical University. Today the Ensemble consists of three groups of dancers, musicians and soloists comprising more than 120 members. The majority of this number is composed of student and graduates of the Medical University of Lublin. In its repertoire the Ensemble has got dances, folk-songs and folk band instrumental pieces from many different parts of Poland, for example, from the regions of: Lublin, Rzeszow, Kraków, Greater Poland, Łowicz, Silesia, Nowy Sącz as well as national dances: Polonaise, Krakoviak, Kujaviak with Oberka and Mazur from the period of the Duchy of Warsaw. The Ensemble performs several dances from its native region of Lublin (with the division to subregions of Powiśle, Podlasie, Zamość, Chełm and Bilgoraj). If joined together , these dances will produce a nearly a three-hour spectacle enriched by colourful Polish folk costumes and performed spontaneously by dancers-medics.

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