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The Former Jewish Orphanag (so-called orphan asylum)

The Former Jewish Orphanag (so-called orphan asylum)
Address: at the junction of ul. Grodzka 11 and Plac po Farze (Old Parish Square)
Place: Lublin
Post code: 20-005

The building was once part of the church buildings surrounding the cemetery and the parish church funded, according to tradition by Leszek the Black in 1282. A fire in 1575 destroyed a part of Lublin along with the collegiate church and the Dominican church. The church buildings were also burnt, including the original presbytery and the parish school.

The first archival references about the old presbytery come only from the 19th century. These are detailed descriptions showing the state of the building in recent decades before the confiscation of parish goods by the Governorate of Lublin Province.

Confiscation of property belonging to the Parish Church occurred at the turn of 1869/70. From that moment, the building was the property of the treasury of the Kingdom of Poland. Soon after the confiscation, the building was handed over to the Jewish community, which made it a shelter for Jewish children, later called the "Jewish town shelter". The building contained rooms for orphans, disabled people and the elderly. In other rooms there were also offices of the Jewish Religious Community in Lublin. The building belonged to Jews until 9 May 1941, until it was taken over by the occupation authorities. On March 24, 1942, the Nazis deported the orphans, the elderly, cripple and their guardians to the meadows of the Tatars and shot them.

The building in the years 1944-46 served as a home for the elderly and in 1947-70 there was an orphanage there. Since 1970, the building is the seat of the Youth Culture Center "Pod Akacją".

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