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Cemetery at ul. Lipowa

Cemetery at ul. Lipowa
Address: Lipowa 16
Place: Lublin
Post code: 20-024

Setting up the oldest Lublin necropolis was connected with the Commonwealth Police Committee decree from 1792 stating that the overfilled church cemeteries are to be relocated outside the city. The land bought from Bridgettines sisters at the western boarders of the city was chosen for the cemetery’s new location. The area was planted with lime trees, therefore the cemetery began to be known as Pod lipkami or Lipki (pol. lipa, lipka - lime tree). Hence the name of the street where it is located – Lipowa (Lime Street). The cemetery complex consists of a few parts: the Roman Catholic, the Orthodox, the Evangelical and the newest – military part. Many distinguished personalities, who contributed to the city and the country development, rest here such as Hieronim Łopaciński, Idzi Radziszewski, Karol Rudolf Vetter, Emil Plage and the Hess family. In the central part of the columbarium located within the military cemetery, an urn was placed with the soil taken from the place of death of the great Lublin poet - Józef Czechowicz. Many gravestones showcase excellent quality sculptural craftsmanship. Here, we should mention the headstone sculpture commemorating the Bobrowski family from Snopków (from 1888) by the great artist - Bolesław Syrewicz.

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