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Lithuanian Square

Lithuanian Square
Address: Lithuanian Square
Place: Lublin
Post code: 20-080

Lithuanian Square was situated in the former suburbs called Krakowskie (Cracow), which was the foreground of the city gate leading to the old Cracow route. The area of today's square was located between the main trade route of the city and the old road running along the Świętoduski estate towards Wieniawa. The outline of the place where today's Lithuanian Square is located can be found on the plan of Lublin from 1783.

The area of today's square was outside dense development of Krakowskie Przedmieście Street. From this place stretched the grounds that belonged to landowners and church. The square itself has the shape of a triangle. On the north side there are the properties owned by the Potocki, Sanguszki and Czartoryski families, on the south side there are the buildings of the Capuchin Order and the Fatebenefratelli Order. The name of the square was not marked on the city plan. The area of the square was created only when the Lublin Voivodeship Commission became active in Lublin (from 1816). The Commission contributed to creation of Lithuanian Square through constructing the Warsaw route, laying out a drill square for the army and locating the seat of voivodeship and county authorities in this area.

In 1839 Seweryn Sierpinski used for the first time the name “Lithuanian Square” in his guidebook The image of the city of Lublin . Then the square became the "center of Lublin" and basically maintains this function to this day.

On Lithuanian Square there are the monuments of Marshal Józef Piłsudski, the Unknown Soldier and the Constitution of May 3, as well as the obelisk commemorating the signing of the Polish-Lithuanian Union in 1569.

In the year of the 700th anniversary of the City of Lublin, Lithuanian Square was reopened. In the heart of the city an enclave for both residents and tourists has been created. A new multimedia fountain has been built. Thanks to its five functions: water, light, sound, image and lasers you can admire unique spectacles in the evenings. There you will also find numerous benches and seats, which can accommodate around 650 people. There are playgrounds for children as well.

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