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Small Town Hall

Small Town Hall
Address: ul. Archidiakońska 5
Place: Lublin
Post code: 20-117

In 1522, in the place where the building at 5 Archidiakońska Street is currently located, there was an empty square owned by the City Council. However, already in 1543 there was a wooden house there, which was purchased from the Council by Mr. Erazm, a doctor of medicine, who in the same year gave it to Mrs. Emerencjana Zielińska. From the 1750s, the building housed the archive of Russian and commune head’s files. Soon, the tenement house became used as a substitute place for the Russian courts.

In 1764, the property was described as a court building. The name the Small City Hall, known to us today, appeared in sources in 1782. In 1818 some parts of the Small City Hall became a prison, but in others there was still the archive. This state lasted several years. Then, the government printing house was established there, but already in 1826 the building was allocated to a venereal hospital. The intricate fate of the building did not allow any institution to stay there longer, because already in 1834 the building was turned into prison again.

The name of this 16th-century building is connected with an interesting fact. During the sessions of the Crown Tribunal in Lublin, the City Council held its gatherings in this building. To commemorate this fact, the sgraffito decoration in the form of the city's coat of arms was made above the entrance to the building.

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