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The Gothic Tower (The Semi-circular Tower)

The Gothic Tower (The Semi-circular Tower)
Address: ul. Bramowa / Królewska 8
Place: Lublin
Post code: 20-400

The Gothic Tower, due to its shape, is also called the Semi-circular Tower. The tower, along with a section of the curtain walls, is an example of the Gothic old city fortifications. The tower and the city walls were built of stone and brick-clad in 1341. The wooden decks helped the defenders access the battlements. The walkways that gave an access to the arrow slits have not been preserved. Each tower was under the care of one of the Lublin’s guilds. The Gothic tower was looked after by the merchants. They had to deliver cannons and gunpowder to it. In the old days, thick church candles were produced inside the tower using hemp rope along which hot wax would drip down into moulds.

The tower was reconstructed in the 1980s. During the general renovation works in 1993, the crenellations were restored to their presumed original form.

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