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10,000 fixings in NaprawmyTo! (Let'sFixIt!) application

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10,000 fixings in NaprawmyTo! (Let'sFixIt!) application

NaprawmyTo! project has started in September 2012 in Lublin and aimed at efficient communication between citizens and the Lublin Municipal Office in reporting simple faults. The citizens are able to report anything that needs to be fixed in the city area, for instance an illegal landfill, a pothole, or a destroyed infrastructure in the easiest way. All they have to do is to enter the website or app, choose the right category, describe the problem briefly and add the photo. The notifications like these get to the relevant officials every day.

Notification, also called an alert, is allocated to one of 23 categories divided into the groups: infrastructure, safety, buildings, nature, and other. In case of problem with choosing the right category, you should choose “other” and then, website administrator assigns it to the right group.

NaprawmyTo! allows to follow a number and a type of alerts, which are being fixed or are already fixed. However, some faults are not in competence of the Municipal Office and cannot be fixed. In those cases, the alert is annotated with an information where this case should be reported.

It is easy and fast to identify problems appearing in the area of the city through the website. Any Municipal Office would not be able to do that – the Office needs to employ many workers who would drive around the city and search for an area for an improvement – which of course is time- and money-consuming. Therefore, the notifications from citizens are received as a priceless „work” for the city.

Effective actions could not be possible without the NaprawmyTo! cooperation with many legal bodies of the Municipal Office, for instance: Municipal Police, Municipal Transport Authority, Municipal Transport Company, Road and Bridge Authority, Municipal Estate Authority, City Sports and Recreation Centre “Bystrzyca” and Shelter for the homeless animals.

See more info at: & download the free application.

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