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Festival of 20th (+2) Anniversary of "Gardzienice" Academy for Theatre Practices

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Festival of 20th (+2) Anniversary of "Gardzienice" Academy for Theatre Practices

Traditionally in the autumn, the Gardzienice Center for Theater Practices will host a festival - this year dedicated to the celebration of the 22nd anniversary of Academy for Theatre Practices. 5 days, 16 performances, 8 concerts plus conferences  - this is on the agenda of 20th (+2) Festival of the Academy of Theatre Practices. The event will take place from 2nd – 6th of October 2019. The works of the Academy's graduates (performances, films, concerts) and realised premieres will be presented by young theatre alumni. An academic conference and  symposion „My unrepeatable life in life and life in arts”, the International Conference "Pedagogy Corrected" and the The Wedding (Wesele) Wyspiański-Malczewski-Konieczny, a special version on occasion of Graduates of Gardzienice Academy reunion will be held as a part of the Festival. Multimedia Exhibition: 22+ Years of Academy for Theatre Practices and many more are to be seen and admired in October.

Centre for Theatre Practices "Gardzienice" was founded in 1977 by Włodzimierz Staniewski. The name comes from the village where the theatre is located. The group gained international critical acclaim, and is classified as an experimental anthropological theater. In 1997 the association established the Academy for Theatre Practices. This carries out numerous projects: research, arts, music, and cultural investigation into the humanities.


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