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November in Lublin

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November in Lublin

See what's on in Lublin in November!

3.11 (Sat), 19.00 – Sławomir Mrożek – The Emigrants – premiere

Play is directed by: Franciszek Szumiński; scenography: Barbara Wołosiuk; cast: Paweł Kos, Wojciech Rusin

The modern world poses questions on the nature of freedom which can become a burden. Emigration is a „moment in life” or a certain kind of human condition contemporary people have to face. The protagonists of the play, locked up in a tiny space, are stuck with each other. To which measures will they go when they find themselves on the brink of despair?

Juliusz Osterwa Theatre/ul. Narutowicza 17/Reduta Stage

12-17.11 (Tue-Sun) – 23. International Dance Theatres Festival

Main protagonists of this year’s edition of the Festival will be artists from Great Britain, including the world-famous Company Wayne McGregor. The programme also features performances from Switzerland, Italy, Belarus, Greece and Poland, events organised as part of the Choreographic Territories – New Paths for the Avant-Garde Project, presentation of the artists from the European dance network Aerowaves as well as the works of the young generation “Young Poland”.

Centre for Culture/ul. Peowiaków 12

Detailed programme:

15.11 (Fri), 19.00 – National Concert

Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra; Leszek Możdżer – piano; Miłosz Bachonko – accordion; Urszula Bachonko – conductor

Leszek Możdżer – Polish composer, jazz pianist, film music composer and producer will be joined onstage by Miłosz Bochonko from the Lublin Music School, winner of the 20th International Accordion Festival in Sanok, 2018.

Lublin Philharmonic/ul. Skłodowskiej 5

22-30.11 (Fri-Sat) – Lublin Film Festival

Independent Film Festival, until 2016 known as “The Golden Anteaters”, presents carefully selected films sent from all over the world to take part in thematic competitions of short and feature films. Besides film shows, the festival is full of workshops, concerts and long conversations with Polish and foreign artists and guests.

Centre for Culture/ul. Peowiaków 12

Programme Details:

29.11–1.12 (Fri-Sun) – 29. International Folk Music Festival

The Festival was created to popularise traditional culture in all its forms, mainly by presenting the creative interpretations of music folklore. The competition for young bands Open Stage, which has become an integral part of the festival, will also take place this year. The headliners include: Dagadana, Kalakan, Romengo, Orkiestra św. Mikołaja and Namgar.

UMCS Student Culture Centre “Chatka Żaka”/ul. Radziszewskiego 16

Detailed programme:

30.11 (Sat), 17.00 – Natural Histories – the Stories on Peculiar Creatures – premiere

script, dramaturgy: Hubert Sulima; directed by: Jędrzej Piaskowski; scenography, costumes: Hanka Podraza; cast: Bożena Dragun, Kacper Kubiec, Łukasz Staniewski, Wioletta Tomica, Maria Wąsiel, Ilona Zgiet

A fairy-tale expedition filled with encounters with incredible animals, insects and plants. The audience will dive into the secret life of the meadows, forests and seas. Learn about the lives and adventures of creatures living, oftentimes unnoticed, very close to us. Are humans really the best at everything? Observing nature helps to rethink human relations.

Andersen Theatre/pl. Teatralny 1/Kameralna Hall

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