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The most eminent of living poets was granted the Czechowicz Award At poet’s home. Stanisław Różewicz at the table with his wife Zofia. Standing from the left Leszek Mądzik, the poet’s son Kamil and Bernard Nowak. The most outstanding of living Polish poets Tadeusz Różewicz won the first Józef Czechowicz all-Poland Literary Award granted by the Lublin Department of Polish Poets’ Association. The ceremony of giving the award will take place on 24 November at 5p.m. at Lublin Museum in the Castle.
The Józef Czechowicz Competition has over 30 years tradition, but this year it a nationwide competition for the first time. Earlier editions were addressed to the writers in Lublin and the Lublin Region. It was announced in spring and brought the expected success in form of 31 applications from all over Poland. The idea was born in the minds of the members of local branch of the Polish Writers’ Association . -“In this way Czechowicz promotes Lublin, and Lublin promotes Czechowicz” – writers say. Tadeusz Różewicz was submitted to the competition by the Lower Silesia Publisher, which consequently publishes the artist’s “ Collected Works”, including prose, drama and poetry volumes. The book that won the award is one in the series. -“ We chose Różewicz because he is unquestionably the most eminent living figure in Polish literature. We wanted readers to have a look at Wroclaw,in order to highlight the nationwide character of the Józef Czechowicz Award” – says Bernard Nowak, the President of the Lublin Department of the Polish Writers’ Association. The award of PLN 10 thousand is funded by the City of Lublin, the Head of the Province Office, the Lublin Water Supply and Sewerage Company (MPWiK), Lubella and Polmos. The organizers of the competition expect the author of the “The card file” to receive the award in person. Recently, he does not travel much due to health problems, but he promised to make an exception for us. He made that promise during the visit which was paid to him on 1st October in Wroclaw by award’s emissaries: Bernard Nowak and Leszek Mądzik. The host also agreed for the meeting to be filmed, which he generally does unwillingly and this report will be screened during ceremony at the Castle of Lublin. The presence of Leszek Mądzik was due to his friendship with the artist. This Friendship begun during their cooperation in prepring the performance “Departs”, produced by the Art’s Scene of The Catholic University of Lublin, based on Różewicz’s prosaic piece “Mother departs” The award winner is connected with the Lublin theatre not only by the friendship with the head of the Art’s Scene. Provisorium and Kompania Teatr are unique in Poland to have staged Różewicz’s play “To the dust”, whereas in 70. Kazimierz Braun staged in the Osterwa Theatre three of his dramas: “The interrupted act” , “The old lady sits waiting” and “‘The card file”.

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