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St Nicolas Day International Festival of Folk Music - 29.11- 1.12

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St Nicolas Day International Festival of Folk Music - 29.11- 1.12

The first folk music festival in Poland, organized every year, and one of the most famous in our country. It was inaugurated in 1991. The goal of the event is to disseminate traditional culture in all its forms and manifestations, mainly through the presentation of innovative transformations of music folklore. By employing contemporary means, the performing artists create free and out of-the-box interpretations of folk sources. The outcome is music of an original and modern tinge but, at the same time, perpetuating the traditional values of folklore. Due to its compelling and diverse offer and the convivial atmosphere accompanying the festival, Saint Nicholas Day has earned the opinion of an important cultural event and one of the most interesting and prestigious feasts of folk music in Poland.

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