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Series of artistic actions in public space

organized within the "CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation” project

co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


Author: Berenika Pyza

Title: ‘’Local Diggings’’

Place: a yard near the block of flats in 58 Tomasza Zana St, Galeria Labirynt (5 Ks. J. Popiełuszki St. in Lublin)

Date: April 4 to 5, 2019

Berenika Pyza (b. 1993) is a performative artist, member of the Zapora performative group, creator of spatial objects. She is a graduate of Cyprian Kamil Norwid School of Arts in Lublin (Utility Textiles Speciality) and the University of Arts in Poznań, where
she has participated in the Interdepartmental Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Sculpture since 2018. Ms. Berenika Pyza is an active participant of international plein-airs (including Unplugged, Orońsko / Pionki), students’ performative performances, performace festivals, group exhibitions and the 1st Biennale of Artistic Textiles in Poznań.
The most important areas of the artist’s interest include sculpture and soft objects, performance, artistic activities in the public space, "body-object" relations, social relations and dependencies. The artistic action which will take place in Lublin on April 5 is entitled
"Local Diggings". It will be a performative act of examining the private space of a flat in Lublin, which is a place to store objects of undetermined origin and obscure functions which were owned by previous generations and have been put aside or rejected by those who inhabit this place nowadays.
The artist's task is to penetrate the "cave” metaphorically defined by her as the space of a family home in Lublin. "Hidden" exhibits conceal interesting family stories. The first stage of the artistic action will be the process of collecting the found objects. Guided by the subjective choice, the artist will select the most interesting of them in order to perform their further conservation by means of a symbolic act of boiling them in a decoction of onion skins. The next stage will be moving the objects from the private safe space of the flat into the yard in front of the block of flats and hiding them in the ground. The next stage of the artistic action will be the transfer of objects from the ground near the block of flats to the ground near Galeria Labirynt in Lublin (5 Ks. J. Popiełuszki St). Each stage of the
described performative action will be documented by means of photography and video recording. The Local Diggings artistic action will be open to the public.


Author: Joanna Pietrowicz

Title: “The First Fall”

Place: area in front of the Basilica of Stanislaus the Martyr in Lublin (9 Złota St)

Date: April 6, 2019, 6.00 to 7.00 a.m.

Joanna Pietrowicz (b. 1993) – a performer, intermedia artist, student at the Faculty of Media Arts (Department of Intermedia) in University of Arts in Poznań. Her artistic achievements include individual performances (i.a. Wejścia / Wyjścia #1 and #2, Curators’LAB Gallery, Poznań (2018, 2019); I Performance Festival, KICK OFF PERFO, Toruń; Young & Yank, VI Bipolar International Performance Meeting, State Art Gallery, Sopot (2018) as well as participation in a number of collective exhibitions (including VideoNews, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin; 3 studio's, BWA, Jelenia Góra; Izotop, 9/10 Gallery, Poznań (2018). In 2017, Ms. Joanna Pietrowicz won the Jerzy Pietrowicz Society Award at the X Student’s Printing Biennale in Arsenał Gallery (Poznań).
“The First Fall” artistic action which will take place on April 6, 2019 near the Basilica of Stanislaus the Martyr in Lublin, has been inspired by the mystery of the resurrection
and death of man. Performance starts with the artist’s entrance to the black cardboard
1 m x 2 m x 0,3 m in size. The cardboard will be partially filled with ashes. From
inside the box, the artist will cut in one of its walls the shape of a cross of the size of her body to get out of it. After cutting the cardboard, the artist will fall to the ground, only the white cross will stay in a vertical position. Each stage of the described artistic action will be documented by means of photography and video recording. The performance will be open to the public.


Author: Olena Siyatovska

Title: "My Room is Nowhere”

Place: area from Ruska St to Galeria Labirynt (5 Ks. J. Popiełuszki St. in Lublin)

Date: April 6, 2019, starting from 13.00 p.m.

Olena (Lena) Siyatovska (b. 1988) – an artist, co-funder and member of the Step art group. She is a graduate of the O. Honczar Dnipropetrovsk National University (Faculty of Philology and Art History). Olena Siyatovska deals with photography, video, installation and performance art. The most important areas of her interest are social relations, the culture of consumerism and the processes of social transformation in post-Soviet countries. Her artistic achievements include participation in collective and individual exhibitions in Ukraine, Lithuania, Turkey, and Poland. In 2017–2018, she participated in artistic residencies in Izmit (Turkey), Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Ustka (Poland), Sochenko 33 Laboratory in Kyiv (Ukraine). In the course of the My room is nowhere performance held on April 6, 2019, the artist will recreate the plan of her already non-existent room in Kyiv, which she left moving to Poland for half a year, within the public space in Lublin. O. Siyatovska will attempt to "draw" the contour of her room on the ground, and then transform it, which will symbolize the process of crossing one’s own borders. The performance will be about the borders which one can easily move. Passers-by will be able to become the guests of this imaginary “home” created in the streets, in the open air. The performance touches on the issue of the artist’s own private migration, the sense of home in a foreign space, being in a "house" deprived of walls, as well as the problem of imaginary isolation in the digital era.


Author: Olga Skliarska

Title: "A Stop”

Place: Grodzka Gate in Lublin

Date: April 5, 2019, starting from 11.00 a.m.

Olga Skliarska (b. 1993) – a visual artist, graduate of the Lviv National Academy of Fine Arts (Faculty of Decorative and Applied Arts, Department of Artistic Ceramics), participant of Zapora (PL / UA) and Zabih (UA) performative groups. The artist deals in ceramics, performance art and concrete poetry. In 2017, she became a scholarship holder of the "Gaude Polonia" Program of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage or Republic of Poland carrying out her artistic project at the University of Arts in Poznań. Olga Skliarska participated in numerous symposia and artistic plein-airs in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, and Belarus. She collaborated on artistic projects carried out in Galeria Labirynt in Lublin, Aufbau Haus in Berlin (Germany) and by the Krzyżowa Foundation (Krzyżowa, Poland). The artist’s achievents include numerous individual and performance exhibitions, i.a. the performances such as "One gesture", Palace of Art in Lviv, Ukraine (2016), "Limitation", Cultural Center in Lublin; "Transition", studio of prof. Janusz Baldyga, University of Arts in Poznań; "Three parts", Interakcje 19th International Festival of Arts, Piotrków Trybunalski (2017), "Disappearance", START Student Theater Festival, project "Exit / Entrance" of the Performance Studio of the University of Arts in Poznań (2018). Olga Skliarska is a curator of exhibitions, organizer of artistic workshops and festivals, as well as a participant of collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. The artistic action titled "Stop" which will be held in Grodzka Gate in Lublin on April 5, 2019 will be a static performance of the artist filming the passers-by feet. The artist prepared a ceramic object that would hinder her movement, in which she will be standing in the gate. Each stage of the described performative action will be documented by means of photography and video recording. Olga Sklarska’s artistic action will be open to the public.

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