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Summing up the cultural year 2008/09 and the opening of the Central Europe Theatre Festival “The Neighbours”

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Summing up the cultural year 2008/09 and the opening of the Central Europe Theatre Festival “The Neighbours”

Summing up the cultural year 2008/09 and the opening of the Central Europe Theatre Festival “The Neighbours” will take place on June 15, 2009 at 7:30pm in “Chatka Żaka” MCSU Cultural Center.
The ceremony includes presentation of the City of Lublin Awards 2008. The laureates were chosen by the City of Lublin Award Commission: Natasza Ziółkowska–Kurczuk - president and Przemysław Buksiński, Dorota Gonet, Grzegorz Kondrasiuk, Andrzej Mroczek, Bernard Nowak, Marcin Nowak, Tomasz Rakowski and Mirosław Ziomek. The 2008 Laureates: Adam Wiesław Kulik – the City of Lublin Art Award – 25.000 zł (for the “Leśmian, Leśmian…” book) Łukasz Witt - Michałowski – the City of Lublin Award for promotion of culture – 25.000 zł (animation of Lublin’s cultural life, and especially for Scena Prapremier „InVitro” and using theater as rehabilitation method in the penitentiary system) Włodzimierz Staniewski - the City of Lublin Award for the achievements in culture and art – 30.000 zł and the statuette designed by Ireneusz Wydrzyński. The Mayor of Lublin City granted also financial awards for cultural and artistic activities in 2008/09. The Laureates: 1.Maria Pietrusza–Budzyńska – teacher, originator of the Occupational Therapy Workshops 2.Dariusz Boruch – culture animator, active member of the “Węglin Północny” Association 3.Reverend Stefan Batruch – parish priest of the Greek-Catholic parish; co-founder of the Multicultural Lublin project 4.Władysław Stefan Grzyb – Town Crier since 1990 5.Krzysztof Szymczyk – trainer of the “Między Nami” Club, organizer of Summer and Winter Actions 6.Izabela Urban – head and the conductor of “Sine Nomine” band from “Pod Akacją” Youth Cultural Center 7.Zbigniew Ryss – employee of the “Bronowice” Cultural Center; organizer of music classes and the author of music for many events 8.Anna Pawłowska – head of the Municipal Library – Local Branch no 9 9.Maria Błach – employee of Municipal Library – Local Branch no 24 10.Anna Krawczyk – culture animator, the head of Cultural Education Department of the Center for Culture, organizer of “Word Study” and the head of Polish-Israeli Society in Lublin 11.Miłosz Zieliński – culture animator, editor-in-chief of ZOOM 12.Barbara Sawicka – volunteer at International Festival Theatre Confrontations, now also member of the editorial staff of ZOOM 13.Dorota Kanior-Borys – trainer and choreographer of “Lublin” Song and Dance Ensemble 14.Tomasz Czajkowski – political scientist, employee of The “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Center 15.Marzena Baum – employee of “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Center, coworker at the Righteous among the Nations project 16.Henryk Kowalczyk – Provincial Cultural Center and Bruno Schultz Festival Association; organizer of the Small Theaters Festival 17.Urszula Stalbowska – head of the technical department of the Music Theater, involved in the “La Traviata” production The Mayor of Lublin City awarded also the Laureates of the “Culture Cranes 2009,” namely: 1.Paweł Laufer – philosopher, writer, author of the “Far Poland” project, editor of the Eastern section of “Kultura Enter” 2.Tomasz Dymek – hiphop star, aka Dolar, best Lublin’s freestyler 3.Maria Natanson – singer and violonist in Orkiestra Świętego Mikołaja and Čači Vorba; conducts Carpathian music and culture workshops 4.Tomasz Bazan - Maat Projekt Theater – artist and director, employee of the Center for Culture 5.Piotr Choroś – culture animator, founder of Homo Faber Association, coordinator of Akademia Obywatelska (Civic Academy) The performance by “Polonia” Theater closes the ceremony.

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