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Weekend in Lublin, December 6-8

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Weekend in Lublin, December 6-8

Lublin for the weekend, December 6-8

We start this December weekend with the beginning of "Christmas Festival". During the festival, it becomes a living space filled with merry carolling. The idea of the event is to create the festive and magical aura of Christmas in the heart of Lublin. Every year the nativity scene is re-arranged, and the city is decorated with colourful Christmas illuminations and Christmas trees. These December days offer a great atmosphere in the unworldly setting of Lublin’s Old Town. On Friday, Łokietek Square will be illuminated with Christmas decorations and on Sunday you can take part in the Procession of St. Nicholas (Orszak Św. Mikołaja).


Ukraine Film Festival will be held on December 6-8 at the Centre for Culture. The programme includes screenings of the most important films from Ukraine in recent years and meetings with film directors. "Do domu" is a Ukrainian Oscar candidate and the winner of the 4th Ukraine Film Festival. After the screening, a meeting with the film's director, Nariman Aliev, is scheduled. "Moje myśli są ciche" is an intelligent comedy, awarded at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Moreover, it was also well accepted at the 4th Ukraine Film Festival. After the film, there will be a meeting with the main actor, Andriy Lidagovskiy. "Magiczny flet" directed by Julie Taymor will also be broadcast, whereas, "Zła matka" directed by Karolina Porcario will be staged at the Old Theatre. After the performance, the meeting with the artists will be led by Łukasz Drewniak. The State Museum at Majdanek invites you to the screenings of three documentary films. Some fragments were even recorded at the Museum. Those productions tell about families with the war experience.


Between 6 and 7 December, the Centre for Culture will be filled with a unique festival - Jazz Bez International Jazz Festival. The first day will be devoted to Markian Ivaszczyszynow. He was a Lviv cultural animator, originator of the Jazz Bez festival. Unfortunately, he passed away in May this year. The second day will be Modern Music Weekend. It will present unique, newest trends in contemporary music. On Sunday, Crossroads Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives invites to a recital of Piotr Sałajczyk and Mihkel Poll. Café “Nie wylej” suggests to participate in Koncert Mikołajkowy – don’t miss the event!


Galeria Labirynt invites to a Friday vernissage "Mikołaj Smoczyński – The Secret Performance". The exhibition is organised 10 years after the artist's death and is going to be the first in a series analysing his artistic work. It will be translated into Polish Sign Language and into English. On Friday, "Kolekcja Mistrzów Krzysztofa Musiała. Przeciwne kierunki" will be presented at the KUL Museum. This time the main focus will be on Polish post-war art (including the latest). This opening is also an opportunity to meet Krzysztof Musiał who will tell us about his collection. Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre offers the after - competition photography exhibition "Lublin Travel". The exhibition will present 20 chosen works. It will be available until the end of January.


“Dobrze się składa” (Polish brand of origami) offers workshops of creating Christmas decorations at the Centre for Culture. It will be performed in a cosy atmosphere, with relaxing music and over warming tea. Lote Babki invite you to a cushion workshop. This time you will prepare cushions, whereas during Typoduchy workshops, you will make cushions in all-embracing literary atmosphere. Those seminars will be prepared by the House of Words. During subsequent classes, you will learn how to swap a picture into a word. It will be carried out within the Culture Incubator series. On the other hand, Workshops of Culture invite you to an audio description workshop.


The Old Town in Lublin has many skeletons in the cupboard! A stroll in the atmosphere of twenties is a story about contrasts and sensations that warmed up public opinion almost a century ago. Joanna Szmit will be the guide during that walk. The "Via Jagiellonica" foundation, though, invites you to a walk "Lublin of Jagiellonian Union". "Koła dla odważnych" is another meeting from the travel series in Academic Culture Centre “Chatka Żaka”. This time, Miłosz Huber will be a guest. He has been conducting research on the Kola Peninsula for 20 years.


On Saturday – Energa Basket Women League – Pszczółka Polski Cukier AZS UMCS Lublin ‒ Ślęza Wrocław will play. Get ready for big emotions! One-day swimming competition for disabled people from the Lubelskie Voivodeship, will be a summary of annual work and training. It will also be an excellent form of integration of people with various disabilities.

For children

The Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Centre invites all children for a St. Nicholas' Day walk around Lublin. There will be a lot of fun and dressing the Christmas tree together at the end! Lublin Philharmonic proposes "Kolędy świata" and "Bajki czy grajki – Piotruś i wilk" for the youngest. Skejciołek is a very unusual theatre for the youngest. It takes place in the Workshops of Culture. The hero of a play is a small goat that discovers the city and learns its history while riding a skateboard. Viewers may listen to the legends of Lublin, stories from the life of Skejciołek, as well as learn why it is worth spending free time actively. Skejciołek is a puppet theatre and one – man play. The Andersen Theatre, on the other hand, invites all the interested ones to the "Natural History" performance.


Lubartowska 77 suggests to visit Lublin Fair. The time will be spent over coffee with something sweet and tasty. "Mikołajkowe Laser Party na lodzie" is the proposition for active people who wish to spend their free time on ice. Icemania offers a good fun to the sounds of Christmas hits.

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