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Weekend in Lublin, November 22-24

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Weekend in Lublin, November 22-24


We would like to invite you all to the cinema festival known as „Lublin Film Festival”. It will take place from the 22-30 November and will be located in a few venues: Centre for Culture, "Chatka Żaka" Academic Culture Centre, Galeria Labirynt and Lublin Conference Centre. There are film projections, meetings and workshops awaitng for you. Old Theatre offers a film projection of one of the best, modern operas "Echnaton". The masterpiece is composed in a minimalistic style by Philip Glass, an American composer. He cleverly moves between nearly every genre of music. Meanwhile on Friday, Saturday and Sunday three premiere performances of "Ja jestem Żyd z Wesela" based on Roman Brandstaetter's novel, will be staged in the Centre for the Meetings of Culture.


On Friday evening Lublin Philharmonic suggests "Magia starego kina". It is a concert with music of famous prewar composers arranged in contemporary tones by Marcin Miro Mirowski. It reminds us of huge Hollywood productions. Whereas, Sunday concert will be promoting recently released Michał Bajor's album "Kolor Cafe". We will hear Italian and French hits! Centre for the Meetings of Culture proposes concert of Krzysztof Cugowski with the band "Zespół Mistrzów" within their "Złoty jubileusz 50 lat na 100%" tour. The singer will take the audience on a passionate journey through five music decades, full of huge and unforgettable hits. In November "Strefa Innych Brzmień" invites to a music event of Tomasz Mirt. On Friday evening in Workshops of Culture you will have the chance to hear a single from his newest album "Greed". Folk and Song Group of Lublin University of Technology invites all the interested ones to Congress Centre of University of Life Sciences to celebrate its 15th anniversary. The audience will see and hear present and past members of the group on the stage.


We invite you to the jubilee exhibition "In retrospect. People and events" summarizing 40 years of the Museum of Martyrology "Pod Zegarem". The exhibition shows the history of the place. The Grodzka Gate offers the photo exhibition "Memu Miastu" that contains 101 photographs commemorating the role of Lublin in gaining independence process. The exhibition also presents the city of interwar period.


On Saturday, Chatka Żaka Academic Culture Centre invites to shared movement improvisations. Each participant builds his/her own unique and individual style of movement. In Galeria Biała, though, you may focus on discovering and developing yourself through art. The workshops will be called "Sztuka w ruchu\Art in motion". The main theme of the meeting will be movement.


The 5th edition of Creative Conference "Lubelski Wzór" will take place in the Centre for the Meetings of Culture. There will be series of meetings and workshops dedicated to design. The conference aims at designers, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in drawing. A well-known film and theatre actor Jerzy Rogalski, will visit "Czuby Południowe" District Community Centre to talk about the PRL times and to define what „luxury” was in that period.


International Tournament of the 450th Anniversary of the Lublin Union in women handball will take place this weekend. The sport fans will have the opportunity to support the national teams of Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland at Globus Hall. Basketball: Pszczółka Polski Cukier AZS UMCS Lublin will face DGT PL Gdańsk -the third match in a row with the team from Pomerania region. This time, basketball players from Gdańsk University of Technology will come to Lublin. We invite all of you to cheer with us.

For Children

During classes "Historie Żabki", children will get acquainted with difficult topics, analyze what happens to children and what makes them blue. This week the topic is: How is the world changing? Galeria Labirynt is coming back with a series of sensory workshops (shapes, forms and colours) that are aimed at the kids aged 0-2. The workshop is dedicated to exploring works of art with the senses. Music Theatre invites all kids, also the older ones, for a lovely fairy tale. Will the story of 'Jaś i Małgosia' end the same way as we remember it from our childhood? And Old Theatre offers in its repertoire „Bajkowe Niedziele” - that will bring the world of literature closer to our children.

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