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Weekend in Lublin, October 4-6

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Weekend in Lublin, October 4-6


24th edition of Konfrontacje Teatralne starts on Saturday in Litewski Square. This year, it begins with the presentation of the outdoor performance "Silence". During 11 days of the festival, you will be able to see 14 performances from around the world and participate in many accompanying events. We invite you to read the programme and take part in event. We also invite you to Gardzienice for a festive celebration of 20th (plus two) Anniversary of Academy for Theatre Practices. Among the events: concerts and theatrical performances by alumni of the Academy, art exhibitions, movies, scientific conference and stories: „My unrepeatable life in life and life in arts”. The Old Theatre in Lublin and the PAPAHEMA Theatre invite you to the performance "Skłodowska. Radium Girl". Maria Curie-Skłodowska as a superhero from the Marvel’s universe? Maria as an icon of pop culture, a face from the portraits of Andy Warhol? Who can she be for today's generations?


Royal Concert invites you to Tribute to / Lublin. 100-member Polish Film Music Orchestra conducted by Jarosław Barów, a 50-member-choir and 10 amazing vocalists, including Justyna Steczkowska, Kasia Kowalska, Kasia Cerekwicka, Krzysztof Cugowski, Andrzej Piaseczny, Janusz Radek will perform on one stage. Centre for the Meeting of Cultures invites you to a jazz concert of American artist Laurin Talese with a soul band “A Novel Idea”.


We invite you to the second edition of "Untitled". It will take place in the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures. “Untitled” is the project dealing with the position of a word and title in visual arts. 24 artists will present their paintings on various subjects. The exhibition will be open from October 4 to November 6. Edu Labirynt and Galeria Labirynt invite you to a series of workshops and guided tours of the Three Plagues exhibition as a part of the Festiwal Kultury Bez Barier. The festival is, as always, a great celebration of culture accessible to everyone.


The Szpilka Foundation invites you to scrapbooking workshops. By creating your own album you will be able to collect family photos, photos of people and places important to you. Galeria Labirynt and Edu Labirynt invite you to sign language workshops for beginners. The idea of the workshop is primarily to learn the basics of a sign language enabling contact with the Deaf.


Tropiciele Osiedlowej Przyrody and Mapa Sentymentalna Lublina invite you for an autumn walk around the historic corners of Wrotków district. However, the Botanical Garden of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin invites for the last walk this season entitled "Where does autumn bring its colors from?" The Via Jagiellonica Foundation invites you for a sightseeing walk connected with the pipelines of the Old-Polish Lublin. The Centre for Culture and a bookshop Dosłowna invite for a question and answer session with Krzysztof Bielecki – a laureate of Wyspiański, Piętak and Literature Fund literary awards.


Arena Lublin invites for a football match Motor Lublin – Wisła Puławy whereas Motor Lublin - Speedway Challenge invites for a Motor Lublin - Apator Toruń. On Friday Energa Basket Women League Pszczółka Polski-Cukier AZS-UMCS Lublin – will play with Artego Bydgoszcz. If you want to check your fitness after the holidays, AZS Lublin invites you to the Cooper Test. While on the subject of running, the Lublin Marathon invites everyone to the marathon for the eighth time.

For children

On Sunday, all children are invited to the Philharmonic for concerts specially prepared for them- the workshops are based on the musical pedagogy of Edwin E. Gordon. This week "Autumn has come to us" is being performed. "Z głową w chmurach czyli o żyrafie, która szukała deszczu" is a performance dedicated to children from 3 years of age. It is a puppet musical in H.Ch. Andersen Theatre. In Plaza Shopping Centre there will be a special animated exhibition presenting elements of a stage design, costumes and dolls as well as film projections. You will be able to have a look “behind the scenes" of a theatrical life. In addition, puppet animations, art workshops and reading fairy tales await the visitors.


Fundacja Krajobrazy invites you to the second edition of the cultural event "Zmysły Ogrodu Saskiego". The programme includes many attractions namely jazz concert, outdoor exhibition, family picnic, natural and historical walk or culinary workshop. Once again at the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures, an event ''Uwolnij ciucha'' will be held. A peridoc occurrence during which you can get rid of your unwanted clothes from the wardrobe and help at the same time.

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