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Melting Pot of Dance at the Litewski Square

Melting Pot of Dance at the Litewski Square
Start date 2013-06-08
Start time 19:00
Ending date 2013-06-09
Ending time 02:00

In various spots at the Litewski Square visitors will be able to admire a range of dance styles presented by professional and amateur dancers. They will also have a chance to test their own dancing skills at salsa, folk dancing or zumba.

The Hip-Hop zone is a venue of another edition of the ‘Wschodnia Strefa Tańca’ Street Dance Contest and a performance of Underground Dance Studio.
In the Green zone we will see many performances, among others: dance shows of groups from the Youth Centres: SM Czechów, MDK in Bełżyce and Krasnystaw, Ewelina Drzał’s performance, African and Hindu dances and Tai Chi presentation.
The area around the fountain will assemble salsa enthusiasts who will be invited to participate in rueda gigant and, at midnight, to have a zumba party together.
The balcony of the Faculty of Political Science of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University is intended as a venue for more classical dance - ballet and international ballroom standard dances.
The playground will turn into a Motion zone as a result of performances of such ensembles as Modern Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology

Dance performances will be accompanied by an exhibition entitled "Dance – Energy of the Body and Imagination ", comprising photos selected from five editions of National Photography Competition. Anna Żak (Lublin Dance Theatre, Modern Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology) is the mind behind the concept of "Melting Pot of Dance" at the Litewski Square.

Among artists performing at the Litewski Square audience will see:
- Lublin Dance Academy,
- The Folk Dance and Song Group of Lublin University of Technology,
- UDS Underground Dance Studio,
- Dance Groups of District Youth Culture Centre SM Czechów Dance Theatre ES, Fatum
- Twister Dance Theatre of Youth Culture Centre in Bełżyce with’21 grams’ performance,
- Allegro Dance Group (Friends of Dance Association - Estrada Dziecięca in Chełm)
- Piruet Dance Group of Youth Culture Centre in Krasnystaw
- BELRIGUARDO Old Dance Ensemble - 2nd Youth Culture Centre in Lublin
- Lublin University of Technology Dance Formation GAMZA,
- Allegro Dance Group
- RYTM Dance Ensamble - group Em6
- YMAA Tai Chi School Lublin
- La Vuelta Motion and Flamenco Studio
- SALSAme Dance Studio Rafał Porębiak
- Monika Chmielewska
- Ewelina Drzał
- Modern Dance Group of Lublin University of Technology
- Capoeira Unicar
- Blazi and Bestroskee (Skill Fanatikz – Medical University of Lublin - break dance, breaking)
- International group of Medical University students.

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