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Theatre Workshop

Theatre Workshop
Start date 2013-10-02
Start time 18:30

Workshop meetings for teenagers, students, and adults.
Wednesdays, 5.30pm-7.00pm
first meeting: 25 September, 2013

Theatre enthusiasts, stage lovers, drama aficionados, teenagers, students, and adults alike are all invited to participate in our Theatre Workshop Meetings, which will be run and conducted by theatre director Joanna Lewicka and a seasoned theatre actress Katarzyna Tadeusz. Their joint goal is not just to introduce you to the world of theatre but to make you enter it more deeply. However, the meetings are not addressed only to people aspiring to become theatre professionals. The workshop meetings provide ample opportunities to spend time in a creative and intellectually as well as artistically broadening way. Co-create with us the amazing space known as theatre!

Here is how Joanna Lewicka and Katarzyna Tadeusz invite you to the workshops that they will be conducting:

We firmly believe that theatre is something special. When we are about to hit the stage as theatre professionals (actress, director) or about to attend a play as viewers it is always as though we were wearing different glasses that enable us to see things and notice the world differently - it is always a different world. That is why during our classes we would like to focus on the elemental ingredients that build up the ever amazing space known as theatre. We will be considering ways of joining the dots, of connecting these building blocks, of translating images into sounds, music into gestures, and the reality that surrounds us into the language of theatre. Because the classes are conducted jointly by a theatre director and an actress, matters in questions will be dealt with in a number of ways - so to speak - multidimensionally.

Meetings take place once a week.
No need for earlier booking. Singing up during the first meeting.
Fee: 40 zł per month.

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