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Theatre Workshops for Parents

Theatre Workshops for Parents
Start date 2013-10-07
Start time 18:30

A theatre group for parents.
Mondays, 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm

A theatre group for parents is a series of weekly workshops aimed at those who would like to perform in front of their children. Each meeting offers serious fun under the supervision of some of Lublin's finest actors, actresses, and theatre instructors - members of the Andersen Theatre troupe - Wioletta Tomica nad Bogusław Byrski. They both are a living warrant of your on-stage success and a source of continuous enjoyment.

We equally would like to invite all of you who would like to feel again like children. In the course of our meetings we will be working on our craft - on voice, on gestures, on movement - all with a view to creating a performance/play for children. If you feel that you are up to it, you may even contribute by co-creating scenography and soundtrack.

Meetings take place once a week.
No need for earlier booking. Singing up during the first meeting.
Fee: 40 zł per month.

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