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Rapping Workshops

Rapping Workshops
Start date 2013-10-24
Start time 17:30

Rapping Workshops

Workshop meetings for teenagers
Thursdays, 5.30pm-7.00pm
first meeting: 3 October, 2013

Our Rap(ping) Workshop is open to all teenagers: either experienced, already writing their own lyrics and rhyming or just interested but eager to start penning down verses right from the get-go - just during the first meeting!

The aim of the workshops is to activate and motivate teenagers to write their own texts. At a later stage, as the workshops continue, the participants will have a chance to hone their skills performing and recording their rapping. Some theory and loads of practice. One of the key tasks and exercises will be writing individualised rap lyrics about the same topic - the topic handed out to all participants. As a result, we will try to create a self-propelling ensemble line-up of young up-and-coming rappers. As each one teaches each one, mutual coaching and encouragement as well as elements of healthy competition will provide the participants with the much-needed starting point for progress.

Be a 24/7 rapper! Be a rapper 24/7!

Here is how Anonim (Bartosz Sobala), the Rap Coach, invites you to the workshop that he will be conducting:

Anybody can write a rap lyric. However, in order to create a verse of quality, experience, dedication, concentration, and time to find one's own style are definitely needed. Systematic writing is the only means of realising how many components contribute to an interesting, engaging, and well crafted lyric. Another issue relevant to rap is performance. One's sense of rhythm and an intriguing flow are not a matter of inborn talent but of rehearsing, practising, listening (also to oneself), and performing. You don't stop being a rapper - it is a 24/7 activity as good verses and top ideas may crop up unexpectedly. Analogously, unwritten verses may disappear as quickly and as surprisingly as they first appeared.

Meetings take place once a week.
No need for earlier booking. Singing up during the first meeting on 3 October.
Fee: 40 zł per month.

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