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Exhibition: Brygida, Dariusz, Weronika Boruch - Family Collections

Exhibition: Brygida, Dariusz, Weronika Boruch - Family Collections
Start date 2013-10-24
Start time 00:00
Ending date 2013-11-27

The latest exhibition at the ‘Collectors’ Kiosk’ presents family collections of toy soldiers and chocolate wrappers. The collection of toy soldiers started in the 1970s and was a result of Dariusz Boruch’s interests. He bought the soldiers at a local newsagent’s situated in a kiosk similar to the Kiosk with Art and used them to play: “We used to fight regular battles, me and two other ‘collectors’.” We would make rules and regulations for those battles and we would play during bad weather spells on the corridors of our tower block.

The collection of chocolate wrappers is a joint effort of the whole family: Brygida, Dariusz and Weronika Boruch. In those times chocolate was generally available only in exchange for food ration coupons and was a great rarity. However, it was possible to buy it in special shops, on market stalls or bring from abroad. The collection was created to prolong sweet moments and keep the taste of chocolate for longer.

About the “Collectors’ Kiosk”:
Though the cycle of presentations at the “Kiosk with Art – Collectors’ Kiosk”, we would like to present collections of Węglin residents in a broader context of visual arts. Contemporary artists are often inspired by contents of home archives, compilations and private collections. They develop the ideas based on them into original artistic projects. At the same time, the passion for collecting often combined with a thorough familiarity with the subject is worth a closer look.
Ludomir Franczak is the curator of the exhibition. As a part of the Collectors’ Kiosk, we want to create a local collection of headwear which would be co-created by local residents and exhibited inside the kiosk for a month.

The Collectors’ Kiosk project one of the activities carried out by the Węglin Art Gallery. The Gallery operates at the junction of disciplines and attempts to show a wide spectrum of phenomena related to contemporary art.

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