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Exhibition: “Kiosk with Art” for Christmas

Exhibition: “Kiosk with Art” for Christmas
Start date 2013-12-14
Start time 00:00
Ending date 2014-01-17

Just before Christmas, the “Kiosk with Art” will turn into a nativity scene thanks to a local artist Jarosław Koziara.

Jarosław Koziara was born in 1967 in Jędrzejów. He is a performer and visual artist, the author of numerous stage designs (e.g. for the Grand Theatre - in Warsaw, the Hans Christian Andersen Theatre in Lublin), open air and TV set designs (e.g. for the Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity/Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy). He also produced stage designs for many indoor and outdoor concert settings. For over ten years he cooperated with Voo Voo band, for which he created its stage, CD and visual brand image. He has also been known for his unconventional artistic projects - gigantic, burning structures.

Koziara is an originator of funny happenings and performances in city space, as well as an author of installations displayed in art galleries and a creator of monumental, hectares long landart artwork. In the past he wanted to become a beekeeper and even attended a secondary beekeeping school in Pszczela Wola but he ended up at Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw.

Poster art was the subject of his diploma. His area of expertise is graphic design. He is the author of a few hundred book, record and CD covers, posters and logos. He is a columnist at a cultural magazine Lubelski Informator Kulturalny ZOOM. Also, he travels around the world of art and writes documents based on his journeys.. He lives through art, for art, and off art.
Admission: free!

“Kiosk with Art” is a project dedicated to Weglin district of Lublin. It is an attempt to penetrate the space that had been deprived of regular contact with art. The whole event is centered on a building of a kiosk that stands at the front of the Weglin Cultural Centre. It hosts artists both from Poland and abroad whose works cross disciplines and often mix with science, music or theatre.

By using the “Kiosk with Art” as a medium, we want to build a complex image of contemporary art, showing its different natures without leaving the audience’s questions unanswered. The Kiosk is an exhibition centre, a workshop area and a publishing space.
The project has been carried out as a part of a mission of the Węglin Gallery to work at the cross-section of disciplines in order to present a broad spectrum of phenomena associated with contemporary art.
Curator of the project: Ludomir Franczak

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