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Meeting: The Scandalous ”Luncheon on the Grass”

Meeting: The Scandalous ”Luncheon on the Grass”
Start date 2014-06-05
Start time 18:00

One of the biggest scandals in art history erupted in Paris in 1863, when Edouard Manet displayed his painting with two fully clothed males and two naked females. Although nudity stirred up no controversy when it came to presentations of Greek goddesses, ”The Luncheon on the Grass”, which showed contemporaneous (and recognizable) individuals, turned out to be unacceptable. What was the scene actually intended to depict? The theme (or the lack thereof) was not the only reason why the painting ended up in the so-called “Salon of the Rejected. The meeting will also help you discover what else ”Luncheon on the Grass" outraged the contemporaneous public about and why it is regarded the first modern painting in art history.

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