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DEDEK DANCING: International Dance Day at Węglin Community Cultural Centre

DEDEK DANCING: International Dance Day at Węglin Community Cultural Centre
Start date 2014-04-26
Start time 15:00

The Dance Theatre Group based at the Węglin Community Cultural Centre invites you to see the results of their workshops and to celebrate, at the same time, the International Dance Day.

3 p.m. - 4 p.m. – open workshop on modern dance for children aged 8-14; instructor: Justyna Jasłowska
The workshop is organized under a grant from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. No advance registration required. For more information, email us at:

4.30 p.m. - 5 p.m. – performance by ”Let's Dance” Dance Theatre Company
Róża Babicka
Aleksandra Baranowska
Nikola Bogucka
Julia Gnaś
Agata Janczak
Olga Kośmińska
Nadia Krasoń
Amelia Pyrz
Barbara Stec
Hanna Wiejak

The Dance Theatre Company based at the Węglin Community Cultural Centre will present the results of the workshops held on Fridays since October 2013, where participants learned modern dance techniques, developed their creativity, expression and motor memory, as well as worked on designing and memorizing new choreographies. The workshop participants proved to be daring in doing dance exercises and experiments bordering on dance and theatre. Their show will feature selected exercises they practised during the workshops and a fragment of the designed group choreography.

5 p.m. - 5.30 p.m. – premiere of ”Bolero. Remiks”, a solo dance performance by Agata Janczak.
Maurice Ravel's composition ”Bolero” is a world-wide known piece. It is also a good soundtrack for dance. The famous solo performances by two outstanding prima ballerinas: Maja Plisiecka and Sylvie Guillem have gone down in history. Performed in a ballet technique, they gained popularity and great public acclaim. Agata Janczak approaches the piece in an original way, using modern dance techniques to this aim. This young, beginner dancer attempts to reconstruct Sylvie Guillem's brilliant performance, where some sequences are performed in accordance with her individual physical capabilities and preparation. This unique revisiting performance is a bold yet humble confrontation with the master version; at the same time, too, it is an interesting dance remix. The performance was put on during individual dance lessons.
Event co-ordinator: Justyna Jasłowska
We invite young dancers and all dance lovers!
Admission free

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