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Spaces of Dance - International Dance Day

Spaces of Dance - International Dance Day
Start date 2014-04-29
Start time 17:00

The International Dance Day is a yearly celebration of dance in its different shapes and sizes. This year, for the first time ever, dancers and dance aficionados will gather together in the newly renovated space of the Centre for Culture in Lublin! You simply cannot miss an aportunity to experience the artists’ unbridled energy in this unusual scenery

“Thanks to dance and to being immersed in the world’s beauty and complexity, I have become a citizen. A peculiar citizen who during his everyday travails re-discovers social codes, remaining faithful to the core values of hip hop and turning negativity into positivity. ” An excerpt taken from Mourada Merzouki’s the 2014 International Dance Day motto.

- UDS Dance Studio –finalists of the tv show Got to dance
- Twister Group (Municipal Centre for Culture, Bełżyce) - „Wehikuł/Vehicle”; choreography: Emilia Osińska Marczak
- Allegro Group (Estrada Dziecięca, Association of Dance Enthusiasts, Chełm) „Tristan and Isolde”, „Walc”/Waltz; choreography: Renata Jakimiuk
- Centrum Ruchu/Centre for Movement – presentation of the children’s workshop that started in the October of 2013 in the Centre for Movement of the Lublin Dance Theatre; choreography: Ewelina Drzał-Fiałkiewicz and Joanna Szot
- Release Dance Group (Centre for Culture in Nałęczów) „Ciąg dalszy nastąpi/To be continued”; choreography: Emilia Osińska Marczak
- „Arabeska” Modern Dance Ensemble („Pod Akacją” Youth Cultural Centre) „W starym zamku/In an Old Castle”; choreography: Agnieszka Kępka
- „Iloraz” – University of Technology’s Modern Dance Group (Lublin); concept, choreography and dance: Ewelina Drzał-Fiałkiewicz
- Joanna Belzyt, Aleksandra Bidzińska – fragment of the play „Cudowne źrebię/A Magnificent Colt”; directed by: Joanna Belzyt, choreography: Joanna Belzyt and Aleksandra Bidzińska
- M6 Group – Rytm/Rhythm, the Centre for Culture in Lublin - „Palimpsest”; choreography: Ewelina Drzał­-Fiałkiewicz
- Lublin Dance Theatre „Historie, których nigdy nie opowiedzieliśmy/Stories which we have never told”

The celebrations of the International Dance Day will commence on the square in front of the Centre and will continue in the Centre’s building.

Free admission

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