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The Place of Inspiration Program

The Place of Inspiration Program

The Lublin cuisine, it is first of all the local producers and restaurateurs who want our region to be associated with natural ingredients and excellent traditional taste. On the Lublin table, you will find various types of groats, cheeses, fish, pork from Puławska pig or honey. Many of them are on the list of traditional products of the Lublin province. Nowadays, many restaurants can boast of original decor and a sophisticated menu. The Place of lnspiration Program is much mare than the high quality of dishes, perfect service or location. The winners of the Place of lnspiration Program make a visit to their restaurants an extraordinary adventure, and tourists have unique memories of their stay in Lublin.

The main idea of the Place of lnspiration Program is to highlight places that, apart from providing basic gastronomic services, provide their guests with the opportunity to experience the heritage and atmosphere of Lublin.

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