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Lublin Sportival

The idea of the Lublin Sportival event is to present Lublin’s sport offer and potential. Above all, the festival promotes leisure and active spending of free time through an event that brings together smaller and larger projects organised by aficionados from our city. Lublin is a place where young people discover their talents, create communities of enthusiasts from various walks of life. Lublin provides inspiration on how to live and develop your own ideas. The annual sport festival in Lublin has a leading theme, in line with which Polish and foreign competitors are invited. Through their talent, experience and professionalism, they inspire the participants of the event to take up their own challenges.

Two editions of Lublin Sportival are held each year: summer – on the last weekend of May and winter – on the first Saturday of December. The Lublin Sportival event is perfectly aligned with the Lublin. City of Inspiration brand, showing the historical image of the city combined with the contemporary, dynamic rhythm of festivals in Lublin.


Lublin Sportival 2016 - summer edition

Lublin Sportival 2015 - winter edition

Lublin Sportival 2015 - summer edition

Lublin Sportival 2014 - winter edition

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