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The main idea of the Place of Inspiration Programme is aimed to distinguish the places which offer not only basic services such as accommodation and catering but also create the unique atmosphere and help in experiencing Lublin heritage.

Being distinguished constitutes a prestige and an option to gain potential customers, who are increasingly opting for places labeled with the unique logo of the Programme. For visitors to the recommended places, it is not only a guarantee of a memorable stay but also a chance to learn about the city, thanks to the readily available promotional materials and information given by the staff trained in this regard. In addition, during the year, we carry out a lot of interesting events bringing closer the selected areas, old traditions and cultures that had intermingled in Lublin, on top of numerous initiatives presenting contemporary character and potential of the city. The Programme lasts two years.


The winners of the fourth edition of the Inspiration Place


ul. Bernardyńska 15
Tel.: +48 667 997 103
e-mail: www:
ul. Artura Grottgera 8
Tel.: +48 81 381 22 17
e-mail: www:
ul. Grodzka 30
Tel.: +48 81 516 90 90
e-mail: www:
ul. Lubartowska 85
Tel.: +48 81 745 03 47; +48 81 478 50 60
e-mail: www:
ul. Grodzka 18
Tel.: + 48 81 532 82 84
ul. Rybna 4/5
Tel.: +48 508 217 014
e-mail: www:
ul. Grodzka 21
Tel.: 81 532 87 61 w. 3
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 41
Tel.: +48 81 448 02 57
ul. Rynek 9
Tel.: +48 81 536 20 20
e-mail: www:

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