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For centuries, Lublin has been a multicultural city. Today, building on the history and tradition, the efforts to create as friendly space to live as possible for everyone, regardless of their ethnicity or religion, are more and more visible.

In 2013, the City Council has adopted Lublin Development Strategy 2013-2020. Among other goals, the strategy includes building a programme of diversity management, building good relations and cooperation with ethnic minorities and educational activities about multicultural history, identity and heritage of the city.

From 2008 Lublin has had the honour to be a part of the Council of Europe's Intercultural Cities Programme. Participation in the programme is a unique opportunity to learn and develop integration policies on a municipal level and cooperate with European leaders of migrants integration. Together with other European cities, we have already implemented two projects: "Lublin 4 All" and "Communication for Integration".

Openness towards other religions and nations was also a very important part of Lublin's application to the European Capital of Culture.


Picture: group portrait of the Faces of Lublin - participants of the social awareness campaign "Lublin for All. Faces of Lublin", September 2014. Picture taken by Jarosław Dudziak.

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