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The City Council is a decision-making and control body of the city. The Council's term lasts for 5 years. The Lublin City Council of the 8th term (2018-2023) consists of 31 councillors.  

The Council controls the activity of the Mayor of the City of Lublin, the district organisational units and auxiliary units (district councils) via an audit committee. The Council's competence include all issues within the area of activity of the district, unless stated otherwise by the law. The City Council elects from among its members permanent committees and ad hoc committees for special purposes, determining its subject matter and personal composition. The Act on Commune self-government of 8 March 1990 (Journal of Laws No. 16 item 95) defines the status and the catalogue of issues that belong exclusively to the tasks of the city.

The City Council is serviced by the City Council Office - contact:

Director Dorota Bartoszczyk
telephone: +48 81 466 1650, fax +48 81 466 1651 
address: Plac Łokietka 1, 20-109 Lublin

Chairman of the City Council

Jarosław Pakuła 
telephone: +48 81 466 1650, fax +48 81 466 1651
address: Plac Łokietka 1, 20-109 Lublin

City Council Members

Jarosław Pakuła - Chairman, Stanisław Kieroński - Deputy, Marcin Nowak - Deputy, Daniewski Leszek - Deputy, Bielak Eugeniusz, Breś Piotr, Brzozowski Stanisław, Bubicz Marcin, Choduń Piotr, Dados Elżbieta, Derewenda Robert, Drozd Zdzisław, Gawryszczak Piotr, Jakóbczyk Marcin, Jurkowski Zbigniew, Kamińska Magdalena, Kwiatkowska Monika, Lubaś Grzegorz, Ławniczak Zbigniew, Mach Jadwiga, Margul Bartosz, Orzechowska Monika, Osiński Adam, Pitucha Tomasz, Popiel Piotr, Ryfka Anna, Sadowski Dariusz, Skrzetuski Radosław, Suchanowska Małgorzata, Targoński Zbigniew, Zaborowska Maja

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