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Mayor of Lublin City

Mayor of Lublin City

Mr Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of the City of Lublin

telephone: +48 81 466 2000; +48 81 466 2002, fax 81 466 2001
address: Plac Króla Władysława Łokietka 1, 20-109 Lublin

Mr. Krzysztof Żuk was elected the Mayor of the City of Lublin (2010-2014) with a 54.65% of votes in the second round of mayoral elections, which took place on 5th December 2010. He was re-elected for the second term (2014-2018) securing a majority of 60.13% of valid votes in the first round of the local government elections held on 16th November 2014 and for the third term (2018-2023), Mr. Żuk received 62,32% of all votes in the first round in the local elections held on 21st November 2018.
Krzysztof Żuk is a winner of many local and international awards, including “The representative of a year 2018”.

Born in Krasnystaw in 1957, Mr Żuk is a Ph.D. in economics and an academic at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin. In 1996, he started as a director of the Minister of Treasury Delegation to Lublin. He cooperated with the Institute for Market Economics in research projects on restructuring and privatisation of municipal services. He also coordinated realisation of the Ministry of Treasury implemented EU assistance programmes for municipal companies. In 2005, Mr Żuk became a member of the Economy and Management Committee of the Lublin Branch of the Polish Academy of Science, and a member of the Departmental Adjudication Committee for the breach of public finances discipline under the auspices of the Minister of Treasury. He was involved in the activities of the Consultative Council for the Strategy of the Lublin Voivodeship Development. In 2007 – 2009, Mr Żuk was an Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of Treasury. He gained experience in local administration as the Chairman of the Świdnik City Council (1990-1996) and Deputy Mayor of the City of Lublin (2006-2007). Mr Żuk participated in many courses and trainings devoted to, among others, structural funds management, internal audit, companies restructuring or strategy management in administration.

The following, in particular, falls within Mayor’s brief:

  1. drafting resolutions of the City Council;
  2. defining in what manner such resolutions are to be implemented;
  3. managing of municipal property;
  4. implementing city budget;
  5. employment and dismissal of managers heading city’s organisational units.

The Mayor manages the on-going activities of the City and represents the City in external contacts, moreover the Mayor develops Emergency Response Plan in the event of Floods as well as issues and revokes flood warnings. He also overlooks proper financial management of municipal finances utilizing a number of competencies that fall within Mayor's prerogative only.
The Mayor carries out his tasks by means of the City Office. He also acts as Director of the Office and fulfils duties of the official superior to the Office employees as well as to Heads of Municipal Organizational Units.The Mayor, as an executive body and Director of the City Office, issues by-laws, however as a public administrative body issues decisions, resolutions and certificates.

What's more, the Mayor overlooks City's Organizational Units

City Wardens for Lublin City – through Residents Security and Crisis Management Department pre-schools, schools and educational facilities through the Department of Education.

Deputy Mayors:

  • Artur Szymczyk
  • Beata Stepaniuk-Kuśmierzak
  • Monika Lipińska
  • Mariusz Banach

Secretary and Treasurer of the City:

  • Andrzej Wojewódzki – Secretary of the City
  • Lucyna Sternik – Treasurer of the City

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