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Integration Support Group

Integration Support Group

A group supporting cultural diversity management in Lublin

The Integration Support Group is part of a participatory system of cultural diversity management in Lublin. It consists of people who – owing to their academic knowledge, professional experience, position held or role played – have both theoretical and practical knowledge of the functioning of public institutions and the situation of minorities in Lublin. However, they are not representatives of any specific group, which ensures their impartiality and universal approach to activity.

The basic rule which underpins the work of the support group is the openness and transparency of work as well as regular consultation of all issues being addressed with representatives of national and ethnic minorities living in Lublin. The work of the group members is strictly voluntary work for which they do not receive any remuneration.

The Integration Support Group consists of representatives of:

  • City Office of Lublin (Mayor’s Office, Culture Department, Strategy and Department of Strategy and Investor Services, Residents Affairs Bureau, Sport and Tourism Department, Non-Investment Projects Department)
  • Municipal Centre for Family Assistance in Lublin
  • Province Police Headquarters
  • Lubelskie Province Governor’s Office (Citizens’ Affairs and Foreigners Department)
  • Cultural Workshops
  • Cultural Centre
  • Meeting of Cultures Centre
  • University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin
  • Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin
  • Centre for Foreigners in Lublin (until March 2015)
  • Xenios Intercultural Integration Association
  • Homo Faber Association
  • The Rule of Law Institute Foundation
  • Volunteer Centre
  • Dla Ziemi Association
  • Teatrikon Foundation

Support group meetings

Support group meetings are held once a month, in most cases on the first Monday of the month. Invitations to participate are sent directly to the group members.

If you are interested in joining the Support Group, please contact us.

Integration Support Group meeting with guests from Neuchatel, September 2014, (Jarosław Dudziak).



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