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Civic Budget

Civic Budget is a democratic process of Lublin’s residents discussing and making decisions on how and for what purposes to spend a part of the city budget. It must be kept in mind that the application submitted under the procedure should fall within the municipality’s own tasks and concern land owned by the City.

In the first edition of the Civic Budget, in 2014, the residents of Lublin had a say on the appropriation of PLN 10 million. Almost 47,000 residents took part in the vote, selecting 30 projects: 27 small ones (with a value of up to PLN 500,000) and 3 large ones of up to PLN 1.5 million. The projects included car parks, dog running areas, marathons or cultural activities for children and youth.

In 2015, the amount available for allocation is PLN 15 million, and another PLN 5 million is to be earmarked for the Local Initiative. Residents themselves will decide which ideas can be voted for within the framework of the Civic Budget.


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