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Local Initiative

Local Initiative

Local Initiative is a tool for the implementation of joint projects of the residents and the City of Lublin. Under the initive, a group of residents can apply for the implementation of a specific project under which they declare participation in its costs. The participation may involve a financial contribution, contribution in kind or community work.

If you have an idea of what you want to do for your neighbourhood and improve the quality of your environment and you need the City’s support to put it into effect, it is worth taking advantage of the local initiative mechanism.

On the web page, you can check if the project concerned falls within the municipality’s own tasks and can be financed by the city, and then determine what you can do by contributing your work or money. An estimate should be made of how much the implementation of the project would cost in total.

The last step is to complete an application, collect declarations from those residents who are ready to perform work free of charge in implementing a project, make an in-kind contribution to implementation or want to support the initiative financially, and submit an application to the Residents Affairs Bureau of the City Office of Lublin.

If an application is found to be incomplete, the Office will contact the persons concerned, asking them to provide relevant supplementary information or documents. The next step is the assessment of the application. The contact persons designated in the application are informed about the results of the assessment. If it is possible to implement the initiative, an agreement is signed between the residents and the City of Lublin. Under the agreement, all implementation details of the initiative are set out.

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