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Cost of Living in Lublin

Cost of Living in Lublin

When taking a decision to locate your business in Lublin you are making the right choice. Here, you have an opportunity to make a commercial success, and to gain loyal employees who are satisfied with life.

All this is owing to the high quality of living in Lublin. According to PwC’s 2011 “Report on major Polish cities”, the condition of the natural environment in our city is very good. The sense of security is another aspect of the quality of living, which was highly appreciated by the PwC experts. Indicators such as healthcare quality and education quality are much above average. This means that the inhabitants are more satisfied with where they live, where they work, and how they spend their free time.

The inhabitants of our city are satisfied and have a greater comfort of living than those living in many other Polish cities. To investors, this means one thing – the opportunity to employ good, trusted and efficient employees.

Example costs of stay in Lublin

On average, 1.93 PLN/km in Tariff I or 2.89 PLN/km in Tariff II + initial fee of approx. PLN 6
(average calculated for a group of five taxi corporations in Lublin)

Municipal transport tickets:

Example tickets:

Standard [PLN]

Reduced [PLN]

Single-journey ticket
30-minute ticket
90-minute ticket

Single-journey ticket in paid parking zone




Source: In-house study based on data provided by Municipal Transport Board in Lublin.

​Cinema tickets:

Chain cinemas

Local cinemas

Film screenings in cultural institutions

Reduced – PLN 18-19
Standard – PLN 22-23
Student – PLN 19-20
Senior – PLN 19

Reduced – PLN 16
Standard – PLN 18

about PLN 5-10

Source: In-house study, 2015.

Theatre tickets:

  • Standard – PLN 30-75
  • Reduced – PLN 25-65

Estimated hotel accommodation prices per night:

  • 5* - about PLN 450
  • 4* - about PLN 250
  • 3* - about PLN 150-220

Source: In-house study based on information posted at

Accommodation prices per night in:

  • Hostel – about PLN 40-100
  • Motel (in Lublin or on outskirts) – about PLN 30-80
  • Room in private accommodation – about PLN 30-60


  • Price of a two-course meal plus appetizer and dessert at an upper-class restaurant in the Old Town in Lublin – about PLN 100
  • Price of a two-course meal plus appetizer and dessert at a medium-class restaurant – about PLN 50-80


  • squash game – about PLN 40-50/hour
  • swimming pool – about PLN 9-12/hour
  • tennis play – about PLN 30-60/hour
  • horse riding – about PLN 30-40/hour

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