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The exhibition presents paintings and drawings depicting Poles’ long and sacrificial path to freedom from the moment of its loss in 1794.
On February 19, 2018 the Polish Culture Portal announced the list of winners of O Awards 2018 for best works in the field of visual art and photography, literature, theater, music, film, architecture and design. One of the winners is the Festival of Set and Costume Design “Stage Under Construction.”
​Artists, bring us more light! Submit your idea for a light art installation that will become one of the attractions during the Night of Culture in Lublin on June 2-3, 2018. The event’s organizer, Workshops of Culture in Lublin, once again issue a challenge to creative individuals. A call for visual art projects is now open.
Under a grant awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, a research team consisting of sociologists, economists and philosophers researched four largest outdoor festivals held in Lublin: The Night of Culture, East of Culture – Different Sounds, The Magicians’ Carnival and the Jagiellonian Fair.
The 9th Open City Festival of Art in Public Spaces in Lublin voted Best Event of the Year 2017 in a poll for readers. The festival is organized by the “Crossroads” Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives in Lublin.
The Workshops of Culture in Lublin announce an open call for artists-in-residence projects for Community Arts Lab 2018. We are looking for people with ideas for projects that enter into surprising, humorous, creative, unusual and/or experimental interactions with the public space and its users. Deadline for submissions is February 9, 2018!
“Tosca” is the only opera which oposes the attempts of updating this masterpiece by setting it in another time or place. Sir David McVicar has no such desire. Instead, he wants to show the grand scale of Puccini's score, presenting the set of the events: Adrea della Valle Church, Palazzo Farnese and the terrace of the Castel Sant'Angelo in all their majesty. Teatr Stary, u
Beijing Dance Academy is an elite dance school in China with its own Youth Dance Company. Their mission is perfecting the art of chinese dance and supporting the interaction between Chinese and western dance cultures.
The fifth edition of the longest convent devoted to analogue games in Poland. The foyer of the Concert Hall will host a library with hundrets of games, the new ones and the classics
The exhibition presenting performance art. The gallery reaches back to the archives and selects meaningful performances and happenings, which took place in Lublin.

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