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Weekend in Lublin, March 6 - March 8

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Weekend in Lublin, March 6 - March 8

See what’s on in Lublin!


Czechów District Culture Centre invites you to the monodrama "To be like Meryl" by Weronika Wierzbowska. It is a spectacle based on a true story. It also tells us how much we are able to sacrifice to climb to the top. How much can we do to fight for our dreams? Moreover, you may be transferred to the world of fairy tales during the Theatre Carnival. The play "Ony" is a unique proposition addressed both to children and adults. As a part of the Theatre Carnival you will also have a chance to see "Związek Otwarty" by Dario Fo and Franko Rame performed by the A + A Theatre. It is a story of male-female relationships and a comedy full of surprising turns of events.


On Friday, Maki District Culture Laboratories offers a concert of "10 sekretów Marilyn Monroe" performed by Sonia Bohosiewicz with a music band. The repertoire will include songs sung by Marilyn Monroe, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. On the other hand, Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives CROSSROADS suggests to participate in a concert performed by Radical Polish Ansambl as part of the residence of the upcoming edition of the Codes - The Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music. The Festival is an international event devoted to the idea of combining the archaic and the new in music. The mixture of two distinctive canons of aesthetics forms a completely unique listening experience where magic and beauty co-exist. The festival gives excellent contemporary music composers and the representatives of the avant-garde jazz an opportunity to meet traditional musicians and artists reconstructing old music. Folk and Dance Ensemble UMCS would like to invite you to a debut concert at the Culture Centre of the Lublin (LSM Culture Centre).


While the 2nd Globetrotter Festival Around the World, you will experience three days of inspiring meetings with interesting guests, valuable workshops and unforgetable films. Question and answer meeting with Maria Mironowicz-Panek with the book „Oktawia Żeromska. Family portait” will be held in the Wincenty Pol Manor. Whereas, Aleksandra Boćkowska will tell about fashion in the PRL times in Węglin District Culture Centre. It is not only the story of the polish vintage fashion before 1989, but also a story about people. In the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures, you may listen to Ewa Braun - a Polish Oscar winning set decorator, costume and production designer (won Oscar shared with Allan Starski for Best Art Direction/Set Decoration for the film "Schindler's List"). The meeting will take place during the event Festiwalowy Cykl Oskarowy as a part of the Stage and Construction Festival.


Together with Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK), you will take a walk along the Niepokorni trail and meet the images of several women who share a great courage. Whereas with Martin's City Tours you may discover magical and amazing Lublin and hear the legend of a merchant who stole the holy relics. And during the walks organised by the Via Jagiellonica Foundation you will follow the footsteps of the participants of the EU parliament.


The Museum of the Lublin History invites you to the exhibition opening „Retro Dziewczyny jako przedwojenne znane aktorki” by Jarosław Czerniak. Galeria Krańcowa-Bronowice District Culture Centre invites to an exhibition of drawings and paintings "Za zielonymi drzwiami" by Anna Cielińska Banaszek. And in Galeria Saska there will be an opportunity to admire the works of the outstanding graphic artist and poster designer Lech Majewski.


The Szpilka Foundation invites you to workshops on creating magnetic stickers. They can come in many different shapes and sizes and also vary widely in colour and design. Workshops of Culture create a unique opportunity to take part in a professional photo session and learn about one of the oldest techniques – talbotype. It is an early photographic process introduced in 1841 by William Henry Fox Talbot.


Motor Lublin vs Chełmianka Chełm match will be held at Arena Lublin.

For children

Pracownia Sztuczka invites kids 5+ not only to the spectacle "Pcha Sza" but also to "Główka pracuje z elementami Sensoplastyki”. Galeria Labirynt offers Look Book - a workshop inspired by a book for kids aged 3-6. The workshop is dedicated to beautiful, interesting and original books for the youngest. The hero of each meeting is a different, specially selected book. The participants have a chance to see that a little bit of fantasy is enough to enjoy a book and be inspired by it.

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