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A Lublin citizen has created the worldwide first payment implant

A Lublin citizen has created the worldwide first payment implant

The Polish-British startup Walletmor has created the worldwide first payment implant. The device, which is installed in any part of the body under the skin, usually in the hand, allows you to replace a bulky wallet with one small, fully secure implant. It is a convenient alternative to a credit card or other device with a payment function, including a smartphone.

Our payment implant cannot be forgotten or lost. This means that, unlike a standard payment card, it cannot end up in the wrong hands. It will not fall out of our wallet, and no one will take it from there. The implant cannot be scanned, photographed or hacked. Walletmor does not have a CVV number or code which a thief could use to commit suspected counterfeit online payments. The implant is literally always at hand. Owing to this, we can make payments even in situations when we do not have wallet on us or when we do quick shopping. Having an implant, we do not have to take out our wallet in the evening while standing with other people behind us in a queue – says the Founder of Walletmor.

Wojciech Paprota, the founder of Walletmor admits that convenience and safety are the most important advantages of the implant.

I was born and raised in Lublin. It is my hometown and it always feels good to come back here. Every time I visit Lublin, I recognize new investments throughout the city. It confirms that Lublin is thriving as fast as metropolises in Western Europe. A really well-established centre for new technology companies is being set up here, and I do hope that in the short run​ we will hear about more ventures, such as Walletmor, that will be launched in Lublin- says Wojciech Paprota, Walletmor Founder and a native of Lublin.

The Walletmor payment implant is a small device, consisting of a silicon chip on which payment data is stored, and an antenna. These components are placed in a hermetically sealed encapsulation made of the superior biocompatible materials. Walletmor payment implants use the same short-range near-field communication or NFC technology. The NFC (near-field communication) technology used in the implant initiates the transaction only when it is approached by a very short distance payment terminal. Close contact with the device ensures security and eliminates the risk of unwanted readers reading the data. It is out of the question to collect any money, without putting your hand to an authorized payment terminal. What is extremely crucial, the implant is a passive device. It does not require its own power source (battery), nor does it transmit any radio waves that could be intercepted. Therefore, the implant does not track your location because it does not have GPS. It is simply completely safe for the user.

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