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An irresistible weekend in Lublin, July 3-5

An irresistible weekend in Lublin, July 3-5

The first July weekend in Lublin seems to be very interesting! We are waiting for numerous concerts, exhibition vernissages, as well as for outdoor cinemas and sports emotions. Check where to go and what to see from Friday to Sunday!

Concert of Piotr Cugowski on Radio Lublin

On Friday (July 3) at 7 p.m. there will be a concert of Piotr Cugowski "Not only rock'n’roll" in the studio of Budka Suflera (Radio Lublin). The concert will be with the audience and will be broadcast on Radio Lublin as well.

Jubilee year of Krzysztof Cugowski

The legendary singer Krzysztof Cugowski celebrates both his 50th anniversary of his artistic work and his 70th birthday. On this occasion, he released the jubilee album "50/70 My Most Important". Due to pandemic, he decided to turn traditional meetings with listeners into the virtual ones. For this reason, he created a unique project entitled "Jubileuszowy ro(c)k w sieci”. His first concert will be on July, 4 at 8 p.m. on Radio Lublin and on Krzysztof Cugowski's official Facebook profile.

Cinema “Kino w Bramie” at Królewska 3

Screenings will be pressented at the cinema “Kino w Bramie” at Królewska street in Lublin. The movies start at 9.00 pm. Admission is free of charge.

  • Friday (July 3): “Sportowiec mimo woli” (comedy)
  • Saturday (July 4): “Cudowny chłopiec”(comedy drama)

Cinema in CSK (Centre for the Meeting of Cultures)

You can see the movie: “Żegnaj mój synu/So Long, My Son” directed by Wang Xiaoshuai on Friday (July 3), Saturday (July 4) at 7 p.m. and on Sunday (July 5) at 5pm.

The exhibition “Archiwum Pamięci”

From Friday (July 3), you can also watch the exhibition "Archiwum Pamięci" - the retrospective exhibition of Ferenc, Jankowska and Mendzelewski in Centre for the Meeting of Cultures.

Saxon Gallery

You can also take part in the exhibition vernissage and question and answer meeting with its author - Mieczysław Wasilewski on Saturday (July 4). The vernissage is scheduled for 12.00 and will be held in the CSK.

III Amateur Fifa Tournament

The 3rd Amateur Fifa Tournament will be organised on Sunday (July 5) from 10.00 am at the Hala Globus. It will also be available online.

Stand-up in Central Park

Bartosz Gajda will perform on Friday (July 3) at 9:00 pm in Central Park in Lublin. He is known for his performances in “Kabaret Łowcy B” formation. Admission is free of charge.

Centre for Culture

The Centre for Culture invites you to events organised in Wirydarz. You will be able to see numerous films, as well as to take part in concerts and improv theatre.

Bridge of Culture in the Saski Garden

This weekend the opening of the Bridge of Culture was officially to take place. However, due to sanitary restrictions, the events were moved to the Saski Garden in Lublin.

Drive-in cinema

You will be able to take part in the drive-in cinema in front of the Lublin Fair. Screenings will start on Saturdays and Sundays at 9.00 pm and 11:30 pm.

Following the footsteps of Józef Czechowicz

Residents will walk along the streets of “A Poem about Lublin” route on Sunday (July 5). The event starts at 7 pm on Poniatowski Bridge.

Outdoor Cinema Perła

You will be able to take part in the first screenings this season at the outdoor cinema Perła from Friday (July 3) to Sunday (July 5). Screenings will be broadcast at around 9pm.


  • Friday (July 3): Zwariować ze szczęścia (Series: Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’roll)
  • Saturday (July 4): Kamper (Series: And this is Poland!)
  • Sunday (July 5): Szpieg, który mnie rzucił (Series: The world laughs)

Exhibition of works in the Hartwig Alley

Dorothea Lange was an American documentary photographer and photojournalist, best known for her Depression-era work. Lange's photographs influenced the development of documentary photography and humanized the consequences of the Great Depression. We will be able to see her works until July 31 in the Hartwig Alley.

Exhibition in "Wirydarz" Art Gallery

A new exhibition “Rozdroża Koloru” is being presented at the "Wirydarz" Art Gallery. These are the works of a Lithuanian graphic artist Stasys Eidregevicius. The exhibition is open until September 7. Admission is free of charge.

Meeting with history

You will find unique exhibits in the Lublin History Museum. The exhibits include magazines, leaflets, old photographs and icons. The museum is located in the former fortified Cracow Gate (14th century).

The Lublin Open Air Village Museum

It is worth going for a walk to The Lublin Open Air Village Museum. It is open to visitors from 9 am to 6 pm (last entry: 5 pm). There is a possibility of individual visits.


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