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Lublin comes top second of the Best Cities to Live in Poland!

Lublin comes top second of the Best Cities to Live in Poland!

Lublin has secured the 2nd place, surpassing Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Kraków, and Białystok! According to Business Insider Polska's latest ranking, only Olsztyn has beaten us here!

The estimation reviewed both economic indicators such as salaries and housing prices, as well as non-financial aspects. Lublin made it into the top 10 in 5 out of 6 categories. We particularly outclassed including access to healthcare (2nd place), low crime rates (3rd place), air quality (7th place) and housing availability (7th place). All statistics are sourced from reliable institutions and are publicly available, including data from the Central Statistical Office (unemployment, average salaries, crime rates), the National Health Fund (doctor availability), the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection (air quality) and (housing prices).

But Lublin has more to offer than excellent conditions for daily life — clean, modern, secure and lack of horrendous traffic jams — it also creates an outstanding environment for professional development, making it an attractive place for investors-to-be. As a strong academic centre, with almost 60.000 students, Lublin provides a suitably skilled workforce.

Moreover, Lublin is well-connected to other regions of Poland. Thanks to the S17 and S19 express roads, you can get to Warsaw and Rzeszów in about 1.5 hours and Krakow in 3 hours. Moreover, Lublin Airport with regular flights to key toursit and business destinations, makes it even more alluring!

Come and see for yourself!

Best Cities to Live In - Business Insider Ranking Report

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