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Lublin Coronavirus Update, June 19


COVID-19 Update:

  • 352 new cases reported in Poland
  • 15 new cases in Lublin Region
  • 31 316 people infected in total
  • 1 334 deaths in total

Useful information:

The city of Lublin has been opening playgrounds and outdoor gyms

From Tuesday, June 16, all municipal playgrounds and outdoor gyms have been successively opening. Despite the lack of detailed guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspector for this type of facilities, the City will make every effort to ensure that users use playgrounds and gyms in a safe manner and with the appropriate sanitary regime. All playgrounds and gyms will have been opened by the end of this week. Before opening, the facilities will be thoroughly inspected and disinfected with a virucidal agent. Devices that cannot be effectively disinfected will be excluded from use. In the coming days the signs standing on the squares and outdoor gyms will be replaced by information with recommendations for users. The instructions will be placed in visible places in playgrounds and outdoor gyms.

In accordance with the recommendations of the State Poviat Sanitary Inspector in Lublin:

  • the distance of 2 meters from other people in the playground / outdoor gym should be kept constantly. If it is not possible to keep distance, it is obligatory to use masks (this does not apply to children under 4 years of age and other cases listed in § 18 section 3 of the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 29 May),
  • users should disinfect hands after contact with devices and other infrastructure of the playground / outdoor gym
  • wasted gloves and protective masks should be thrown away into mixed waste bins,
  • it is not recommended to eat in the playground / outdoor gym.

Two parts of the playground will not be open in Kaczynski square out of all 74 municipal playgrounds and outdoor gyms.

How can you do safely shopping during an epidemic?

Make your shopping safe for you and others:

  • make a list of products
  • take your own bag or basket
  • disinfect your hands before the entrance
  • use disposable gloves
  • cover your mouth and nose
  • choose cashless payments

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