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Print page to PDF Lublin Coronavirus Update March 24, 2020 15:00


New restrictions regarding movement of people have been introduced with three exceptions: commuting to and from work, voluntary work in connection with fighting coronavirus and necessary everyday life errands (for example going to buy groceries, going to a pharmacy)  - informed the Prime Minister of Poland during the press conference held today.

In addition, maximum of 2 persons can gather at the same time. After the Government Team on Crisis Management gathered today, a press conference with the Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, and Minister of Health, Łukasz Szumowski, was held. They informed about the following new restrictions which are being introduced as of today:

1. Restrictions of movement with three exceptions:

  • commuting to and from work,
  • voluntary work in connection with fighting coronavirus,
  • necessary errands regarding everyday life.

2. Maximum of 2 persons can gather at the same time. Exceptions are events in which family members or persons living together take part in.

3. Allowed number of persons in public transport will be half of sitting places in one mean of transportation. All of previously introduced restrictions are still in place.

As explained during the press conference, all the new restrictions are necessary to reduce the current phase of spreading coronavirus. The increase of coronavirus infections in Poland has been described as significant.

Since Friday, March 20, Poland has introduced oficially a state of epidemics. The decision has been made to extend the closure of all educational institutions (schools, universities) until Easter. Persons remaining in quarantine will face 30 000 PLN fine if they break the rules of quarantine.


Number of infections in Poland: 844/9 deaths

Number of infections in Lubelskie voivodship: 57/2 deaths

  • 15 hospitalised
  • 4087 quarantined
  • 5571 under State Sanitary Inspection (SSI) supervision

New regulations in force:

  • Polish government has introduced the state of epidemic from March 20 onwards. It enables appropriate state authorities to exercise new powers;
  • outdoor gyms and playgrounds are to be closed;
  • classes in schools and universities are to be suspended till April 10 inclusively;
  • fines for breaching the quarantine are to go up from PLN 5 000 to PLN 30 000;
  • the ‘Home Quarantine’ app to keep track of quarantined Poles is to be launched;
  • telephone advice service of psychologists and teachers/educators is made available at the courtesy of the Department of Health and Social Policy of the Marshal's Office of the Lubelskie Voivodeship, partnered with the Regional Centre for Social Policy in Lublin. Anyone who wishes to avail of the service and speak to a psychologist is welcome to call at +48 81 478 12 34 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Should you wish to contact a psychologist or an educator on duty from the Regional Centre for Social Policy, you are free to call at +48 81 528 76 19+48 81 535 287 620 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.;
  • e-prescriptions are to be facilitated; your GP or a midwife is to supply you with an e-prescription following a telephone interview. In essence, an e-prescription is an electronic document that replaces a traditional paper prescription. You are sent your e-prescription in two ways:

- via Text Message – you receive a 4-digit code or;

- via e-mail – you receive a PDF file with details of your e-prescription

How to fill an e-prescription?
You simply present the following to the pharmacist at the counter: your PESEL number and the 4-digit code sent to you via TEXT or you show a barcode on your smartphone. A barcode is to be found in a PDF file sent to you earlier on.

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