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Print page to PDF Lublin Coronavirus Update March 26, 2020 18:00


Report on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic.


Poland: 1163 infections /14 deaths

Lubelskie voivodship: 5371 quarantined / 74 infections /2 deaths / 5 fully recovered


New regulations in force:

  • Please be reminded that Polish government restricted movement of people. Restrictions do no apply to:
  1. commuting to and from work;
  2. volunteer work to combat coronavirus;
  3. essential activities of daily life, such as shopping for food and medicine, seeing a doctor, taking care of relatives, or dog walking;
  • Ministry of Health has informed that any person, even uninsured, will be tested for Covid-19 free of charge and will receive all the necessary medical help. Therefore, there is no need to sign up with Lublin Job Centre for medical insurance.

Poland’s government has recently approved a package of measures to protect businesses in the face of the COVID-19 threat. Below please find a brief presentation of selected key elements of the package:

  • state to cover social insurance premiums (ZUS) for 3 months. Eligible entities are: micro-enterprises (up to 9 employees)- premiums paid for every employee and the self-employed - a monthly subsidy up to about PLN 2,000 (people working on contracts of mandate or other types of a service contract);
  • should turnover drop entrepreneurs can reduce worktime and have half of the remuneration subsidised
  • consumer protection with regard to excessive price increases and other unfair practices;
  • temporary abolition of the pro-longation fee in stamp and social security payments;
  • allowing the deduction from income (revenue) of donations made to counteract COVID-19;
  • more favourable rules for settling losses;
  • support for transport companies by ARP in refinancing leasing contracts;
  • help instruments for the tourism industry;
  • allowing shops – covered by a ban on trade on Sundays – to receive goods, unload them and put them on shelves;
  • 90 per cent reduction in rents of tenants of premises and so-called ‘islands’ in shopping malls, as long as these facilities are prohibited from functioning normally;
  • extension of legal residence and work permits for foreigners;
  • exemption from contractual penalties for delays in the execution of tenders due to epidemics;
  • allowing municipalities to waive the collection of real property tax on commercial properties, which have lost their liquidity due to Covid-19;
  • de minimis guarantees from BGK;
  • BGK's interest subsidies;
  • liquidity funds of BGK, PFR and KUKE, including the possibility for medium and large companies to obtain - from PFR Investments - capital increases or financing in the form of bonds - in total of PLN 6 billion
  • extension of bank working capital loans, based on financial data as of the end of 2019;

Lublin City Transport Authority, (ZTM) in order to meet the expectations of passengers, introduces, in an exceptional circumstances, an option to suspend, with a postponement of the validity, of your season ticket (bus pass).
Suspension of the ticket can be done by filling in the application form on-line. In the application form, in addition to personal data, you must provide the Card number and indicate the date from which and to when you want to suspend the ticket, and make a statement that the suspended season ticket will not be used on the indicated date. A season ticket may be suspended until the end of its validity, no later than 10 April 2020. In the case of pupils and students, the suspension of the ticket will be counted from 12 March this year, i.e. the date indicated in the regulations of the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which temporarily limit the functioning of schools and other educational system units and suspend teaching Poland-wide. For other persons, the period of suspension will be counted from the date of submitting the application via the Internet or, if this date is later, from the date indicated in the application. What is important is that the ticket can be suspended and reinstated once only. It is possible to suspend 30, 90 and 150-day season tickets, valid in any ticketing zone. The passenger will not receive a refund, but will be able to use the suspended period of the ticket at another date, reinstating till the end of 2020.


Apply via the 'STOP TICKET' form at by completing all required fields:

  • Card number
  • First and last name
  • Indication whether the user is a pupil/student
  • Date of the beginning of the suspension of the ticket - not earlier than the date of application
  • End date of suspension of the ticket, until the end of its validity at the latest, 10 April 2020*.
  • Declaration of no use of the ticket during the period of suspension
  • Consent to the processing by ZTM in Lublin of personal data concerning the e-mail address, information on having the status of a pupil/student for the purpose of the application and providing information
  • Filing it authorisation field

Verify that you have received an acknowledgement of receipt at the e-mail address provided in the application.

The number of days of suspension of the ticket will be counted from the date of submission of the application (for students from 12.03.2020) to the date of the end of the suspension indicated in the application until 10.04.2020.
Report at any time until the end of 2020, after the end of the epidemic and the resumption of direct customer service at ZTM outlets to extend the validity of the suspended ticket.


The General Veterinary Inspectorate has issued recommendations on the handling of pets and livestock during quarantine. During the quarantine period, the holder of the pet or farm animal may look after its livestock during the period of quarantine, subject to health and travel arrangements, if any.

Persons who cannot provide proper care to their animals during this period should first seek help from neighbours, friends or family. For pets (dogs), which need to be taken outdoors regularly, the optimal solution is to move them for the duration of the quarantine period to the new carer's home. If this is not possible, care should be organised so that there is no direct contact between the carer and the person in quarantine and their family. In the case of livestock, it can be looked after in the owner’s quarantine premises. As per the Chief Veterinary Inspectorate press release.

Persons who cannot provide proper care to the animals during this period should:

  • Hand over the dog to family and/or friends (for the safety of new carers the dog should be bathed),
  • seek support from volunteers (Volunteer Centre) and members of social organisations.
  • The dog must be handed over to the person in front of the door, avoiding close contact.
  • If you are the person who will take someone else’s pet out for a walk – you should be particularly careful:

- to collect the dog out of the stairwell without entering the quarantine facility,
- to use disposable gloves,
- to keep your distance - you must not stroke the dog.

Persons who cannot take advantage of the above solutions may contact the Lublin City Hall (Department of Environment Protection): 38 Zana Street, 20-601 Lublin, phone +48 81 466 26 00.
To date, the Lublin City Hall has not received any request to take over the care of a dog during quarantine. We hope that there will be no need to send dogs to the Shelter for Homeless Animals. We count on neighborly or voluntary help instead, as putting an animal in foster care involves a great deal of stress for the animal. At the same time, it should be remembered that there is no scientific evidence of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus to pets and farm animals, nor that these animals could be biological or mechanical transmitters of Covid-19. 





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