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Meeting of Styles - the International Graffitii Festival - August 5 - 7

Meeting of Styles - the International Graffitii Festival - August 5 - 7

Meeting of Styles is the oldest International Graffiti Art Festival in the world, and therefore in Poland.
The main idea of the event is to present graffiti as one of the developing directions of art in public space and providing space for creative activity for young people and the development of their passions and interests. Meeting Of Styles Lublin has hosted the best writers from all over Poland and the world since 2011. The organization of the event allows you to benefit from the experience and popularity of the event around the world, which undoubtedly also increases the prestige of the Lublin event. The success of the previous editions of Meeting of Styles proves that Lublin is in great demand for such events, and the extremely dynamic local community of people interested in the art of graffiti increases its range every year and makes the program more diverse and interesting.

Schedule of the event

August 5 – graffiti painting workshops for young people –

  • 10:00 – 11:30
  • 11:30 – 13:00
  • 13:00 – 14:30

August 6 – Jam Graffiti – SKENDE green areas

  • 10:00 – start of the event
  • 18:00 – end of the event
  • 20:00 – exhibition vernissage by Grzegorz Łodej aka KOMART at LuCreate Galery
  • 22:00 – after party in Święty Spokój Club

August 7 – Jam Graffiti – MOSiR

  • 11:00 – start of the event
  • 18:00 – end of the even

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