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New restrictions since March 20

New restrictions since March 20

All Poland with restrictions from 20 March

The epidemic situation in Poland is getting worse. UK variant of Covid is taking its toll as the number of new cases and hospitalised people is on the rise. Therefore, Polish government decided to introduce safety regulations to cover all country.

From March 20 to April 9, the following restrictions will apply. Below-listed are to be closed:

  • hotels (exceptions include workers’ hostels and hotels for business trips. Exceptions are to be found in the annex to the Regulation. Proof of a business nature of your trip is needed.

  • shopping centres – excluding groceries, pharmacies drugstores, newsagent's, bookstores, pet stores and DIY shops. Hairdressing salons, optic stores, banks and launderettes operate as usual;

  • theatres, museums, art galleries (only open for rehearsals and online shows);

  • cinemas (film screenings are not allowed. Same applies to cultural centres and community centres);

  • swimming pools (excluding pools in medical facilities or used by national team members)

  • saunas, solariums, Turkish baths, diet centres, casinos

  • ski slopes;

  • fitness clubs and gyms;

  • sport facilities (open for professional athletes only, with no public allowed).

Note! For safety reasons, all students in Poland – including grades 1-3 – will be home-schooled. Government also recommends remote work, wherever possible.

There is no change to remaining restrictions already in force. They still apply.

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