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Rules of the yellow zone to be applied to the whole country

Rules of the yellow zone to be applied to the whole country

With over 4,000 new coronavirus cases confirmed in one day, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki declared that Lublin as all Poland would become a ‘Yellow zone’ on October, 10 (Saturday). This is done to hold back the second wave of deadly COVID-19 spreading across our country.

From Saturday, it will be mandatory to wear face masks in public in yellow zones as well. Anyone who does not wear a mask will have to present police or municipal guards a medical certificate or other document confirming the person's disability. However, there will be no need to cover faces in forests, parks, green areas, botanical gardens or beaches.


Today the second wave of the pandemic has also reached us and we have to deal with it in a decisive and categorical manner, but at the same time using the experience we have gained said Prime Minister during the press confrence that took place on October, 8.


He also added that by introducing the new restrictions the government hoped to slow down the development of new infections throughout the country.

The new restrictions will cover:

  • keeping distance of 4 sqm in closed areas with only 25% of the audience indoors;
  • only 25% of the audience at outdoor sports venues;
  • the number of people allowed to participate in weddings and other family celebrations will be limited to 75;
  • church - it is compulsory to cover the mouth and nose, with the exception of worshipers. If the religious event is held outdoors, you must keep the social distance 1.5 m or cover your mouth and nose (except for worshipers);
  • discos and nightclubs will be closed;
  • restaurants are to be open until 10 pm;
  • 75% occupancy of the facility in aqua parks and swimming pools;
  • the number of participants is limited to 1 person per 10 sqm in amusement parks ;
  • gyms with limit 1 person per 7 sqm;
  • obligation to cover the mouth and nose in public transport;
  • trade/commerce - it is compulsory for customers to wear disposable gloves or to use hand sanitizers when purchasing goods or services;
  • only the staff and currently served clients may stay in beauty and hairdressing salons, tattoo studios.

The first case of coronavirus infection in Poland was reported on March, 4. On March 20, Poland introduced a state of epidemic.

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