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Ukrainian Maidan 2013-2014. Revolution of Dignity – online exhibition

Ukrainian Maidan 2013-2014. Revolution of Dignity – online exhibition

We invite you to the online exhibition Ukrainian Maidan 2013-2014. Revolution of Dignity.
The exhibition features photos of Tomasz Bielecki, a native of Lublin, who posted at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kiev at that time. Exceptional events in Ukraine in terms of human and civil rights were presented by an eyewitness of events in question.
The supporters of the country's integration with the European Union stood up to defend Ukarine’s European aspirations. Due to the severe reaction of the officials, peaceful demonstration turned into a wide-spread rebellion against authorities of that time. It became a token of defensing human rights in their homeland. Two months of nationwide protests, left many victims.

Ultimately, the courage and determination of the Ukrainian demonstrators led to overthrowing the ruling camp and early presidential elections were called.

The power of sacrifice of the Ukrainian people initiated a new episode on the political scene and commenced a social transformation process at all levels so that democratisation and the Rule of Law could be strengthened and consolidated.
The exhibition prepared by the International Cooperation Centre of the City of Lublin is a symbol of Remembrance for the Euromaidan victims and an expression of solidarity with the Ukrainian people in the struggle for national self-determination.
The exhibition was held under the patronage of Vasyl Pavlyuk, the Consul General of Ukraine in Lublin.


You are more than welcome to take a look.


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