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Underage international students and coronavirus restrictions

Underage international students and coronavirus restrictions

Due to current restrictions being in force in Poland, from 1st till 11th April 2020, persons aged under 18 years old are not allowed to be in and move around public space without their parent, legal guardian or other adult. What’s more, the rule of moving around public space applies just to specific situations, such as moving to and from place of work, volunteering related to combating COVID-19 or activities needed for everyday life.

In Lublin, there are over 300 non-Polish underage students within current academic year (2019/2020). Of them, over 40 students have stayed in Lublin, in local dormitories. These are mainly Ukrainian students. Due to differences between Polish and Ukrainian education system, young people in Ukraine usually go to university at the age of 16-17. In practice, current restrictions imposed in public life for underage students mean that they can't go on their own to grocery, pharmacy or walk the dog.

Recognizing this problem, on April 1, 2020, the Mayor of Lublin issued a letter to the Chief of the Provicial Police Department, in which he drew attention to specific situation foreign underage students in Lublin found themselves in.

In response to the Mayor’s letter, The Chief of the Lublin Police Department, emphasized that the current security rules apply to everyone in Poland; nevertheless, Lublin Police officers are aware of this specific situation arisen and they are in contact with the Consul General of Ukraine in Lublin on that matter. At the same time, Lublin City Office remain in constant contact with the local universities’ “student buddies”. Underage foreign students are supported not only by university employees, but also by their elder colleagues from academia and dormitories.


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